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1,454 Electrical Maintenance Engineer Jobs Found

Electrical maintenance engineer jobs involve being responsible for the smooth running of various electrical equipment. You will be required to oversee routine maintenance, conduct repairs, control and even manufacture items designed to help electrical operations run smoothly.

Working with other professionals, you may be involved in improving manufacturing or processing industries, reducing costly breakdowns and developing strategies to improve safety and reliability. People can be found working as an electrical maintenance engineer in many different industries. As such, electrical maintenance engineer jobs can provide good career options and long-term job security. Keep reading to learn more about what qualifications you need and what you can expect to be paid.

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Electrical maintenance engineer jobs can involve a variety of duties, many of which will depend on the industry and size of the company you work for. Positions can be found in both the public and private sectors, as well as with small and large-sized companies. General duties that electrical maintenance engineer employers will expect you carry out, include:

  • Routine maintenance and fixing equipment faults
  • Designing maintenance strategies, procedures and methods
  • Fitting new parts and ensuring appropriate stock levels are correct
  • Dealing with other departments, as well as customers and suppliers
  • Handling emergencies and other unplanned electrical problems

Regarding salaries, electrical maintenance engineer jobs offer starting salaries of around £20,000 – £25,000. This can rise to £40,000 with more experience, whilst further qualifications, location, speciality and sector can see wages increase further.

In general, most electrical maintenance engineer employers and jobs will require you to have a degree in a related subject, such as electrical engineering. To qualify for these courses, you will have to have GCSEs in English, math and a science, as well as related A-level qualifications. However, there are other ways to become an electrical maintenance engineer.

A growing number of companies are offering apprenticeships. This allows you to learn skills on the job, as well as study for further qualifications. As well as whatever required qualifications these electrical maintenance engineer employers may ask for, they will also likely require you to have the following:

  • A good basic understanding of electrical engineering functions and methods
  • A strong attention to detail and the ability to work alone and as part of a team
  • Be able to think critically to find solutions to problems
  • Ability to listen to instructions and carry them out



Electrical maintenance engineer jobs offer good career prospects. There are m any different directions you can go in, with these often dependent on your own determination and the industry you work in. As you progress, you may develop specialised technical knowledge in a very specific area, or move onto become a more generalised maintenance manager, taking charge of staff and developing maintenance programs.

There will be many opportunities to develop your knowledge and gain further qualifications. You will likely need to become a member of a professional body, such as the IET. Furthermore, becoming a chartered electrical engineer will allow you to progress to senior-level roles, as well as demand higher salaries. Consultancy work, part-time roles and starting your own business are also all possible options for people working as an electrical maintenance engineer.

One of the many advantages of electrical maintenance engineer jobs is the security the position has. The role continues to show good demand and can be found in nearly every sector. Opportunities to further your skills and earn more money are good, as is long-term job security. The role can be varied and can provide an interesting and varied choice of working environments.

Regarding any negative issues related to electrical maintenance engineer jobs, one can be the stress of responsibility. Electrical maintenance engineer employers will often expect you to solve issues effectively, quickly and cheaply. This can be stressful for some. Furthermore, you may have to work unsociable hours, as well as be on call in case of emergencies.