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10 Factory Cleaner Jobs Found

With the cleaning industry continuing to grow in the UK, an increasing number of specialised sectors such as factory cleaner jobs are appearing. With the cleaning industry in the UK employing around 900,000 people and adding approximately £50 billion annually to the UK economy, the sector has a lot of opportunities. Factory cleaner jobs can be found with both small-sized local manufacturers as well as global giants, with factory cleaner employers located through the UK. People working as a factory cleaner enjoy job flexibility in terms of hours and location, as well as the chance to learn new skills and develop professionally. As manufacturing continues to grow, so too does the number of factory cleaner jobs available in the UK.

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Factory cleaner jobs can be found in a variety of sectors and locations around the UK. Daily duties for those working in factory cleaner jobs may include using both small and large equipment to keep areas free of dust and debris, as well as ensuring work surfaces and other areas are clean. Factory cleaner employers can be found in cities, large towns and more rural locations, ensuring factory cleaner jobs are often freely available.

Environments for those working in factory cleaner jobs can sometimes be dangerous due to the presence of large equipment or moving parts. As such, health & safety plays a large role in all factory cleaner jobs. Factory cleaner employers include food manufacturing, automobiles and pharmaceutical. The use of strong cleaning chemicals may be required in some factory cleaner jobs, whilst the need to work shifts, including nights and weekends, may also be required by some factory cleaner employers.

Factory cleaner jobs do not in general require any formal qualifications, however some factory cleaner employers may require some previous cleaning experience. On-the-job training will be provided by employers, including health & safety regulations and how to use any required equipment. Desirable skill sets for those working in factory cleaner jobs include being able to work alone and part of a team, having good communication skills, being hard working and also flexible in terms of leaning new things. Factory cleaner jobs differ to other positions in that duties are often conducted in dynamic environments, featuring people moving about and sometimes in the presence of machinery, moving parts and vehicles.

There are various career prospects for those working as a factory cleaner. Because of the types of environments found in factories, those working as a factory cleaner will likely have opportunities to learn new skills which can improve promotion chances, and which can be transferred to other roles and sectors. Promotions for those working as a factory cleaner include supervisory and managerial roles, as well as opportunities to set up and start your own cleaning business.

As with most positions, development will largely depend on your own abilities, determination and hard work. Whilst there are no formal qualification requirements for factory cleaner jobs, factory cleaner employers will be looking for certain skills. Such skill sets that factory cleaner employers favour include a willingness to learn, good physical condition and being able to work alone and as part of a team. Knowledge of health & safety and the products and equipment used in cleaning are also desirable but not essential.

As with any role, there are numerous pros and cons to working as a factory cleaner. With the cleaning and manufacturing industries continuing to grow in the UK, working as a factory cleaner is a good sector to enter, with more jobs appearing as demand from factory cleaner employers increases. Factory cleaner jobs and employers can be found throughout the country, reducing long and expensive commutes. Long-term job stability is another positive to working as factory cleaner, with the skills you learn being easily transferable to similar roles.

Working conditions and salaries are also improving, particularly in sectors requiring specialist training. Cons to factory cleaner jobs include low starting salaries and sometimes dirty/dusty working environments. Another disadvantage is that factory cleaner employers often require staff to work shifts, including nights and weekends, which can be off-putting for some.