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23 Finance Recruitment Consultant Jobs Found

Finance recruitment consultant jobs can provide an excellent career with good salaries and many opportunities to develop. The recruitment industry continues to grow in the UK as more and more companies turn to specialised employment agencies to help them find staff. Working as a finance recruitment consultant will involve helping finance companies such as investment banks advertise and find suitable employees.

Working as a finance recruitment consultant, you will be dealing specifically with this one sector, and therefore likely need a good understanding and background in finance. Your daily tasks will vary, including everything from meeting employers and creating job adverts, to screening candidates and helping negotiations in areas such as salaries and working conditions. Read on to learn more about finance recruitment consultant jobs, including what qualifications and experience you need and what career prospects you will have.

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Finance recruitment consultant jobs involve working with companies in the finance sector to help them attract suitable employees. You will learn about your clients’ operations, services and needs, and help to create job adverts that accurately match their requirements. You will be involved in every aspect of the hiring process, including initial candidate screening, interviews and any possible negotiations between the two groups.

Your daily tasks will be varied, helping to create a dynamic and interesting working day. You will spend time in an office, as well as out meeting potential and existing jobseekers and employers. The industry is competitive, so you will be expected to work hard to ensure both groups remain happy. Finance recruitment consultant employers will also expect you to do the following:

  • Develop and strengthen relations with existing employers
  • Seek out new employers and jobseekers
  • Work closely with clients to understand their needs
  • Select media channels for adverts, including monitoring and reporting on their effectiveness
  • Headhunt individuals already working in other roles

Qualification requirements for finance recruitment consultant jobs will often also depend on your previous experience. General recruitment roles do not often require any formal qualification and are often entry-level positions. However, finance recruitment consultant employers may require you to have either a university degree in a finance related subject, or previous working experience in the finance sector. Degrees in areas such as finance, economics and business studies will help your application.

Whilst some finance recruitment consultant employers will accept just a related degree or work experience, others may want you to have previous recruitment experience. This also enables those with no finance background to enter these roles if they have shown sufficient experience and talent in other recruitment sectors. Working as a finance recruitment consultant will also involve the following:

  • Keeping up to date with finance industry news, services, products and developments
  • Communicating with different groups face-to-face, over the telephone and electronically
  • Working outside of normal hours when required to ensure employers and jobseekers are satisfied
  • Meeting, speaking and relating to people from various background and employment levels

Finance recruitment consultant jobs can provide good career prospects as the recruitment industry in general continues to grow. You will likely be working for a recruitment agency that either specialises in financial roles or has a designated finance team. You will gain lots of experience and skills that will enable you to develop within the agency or allow you to seek other challenges.

Promotion routes exist, with more senior positions such as senior consultant, account director and lower-level managerial roles all possible if you show talent and work hard. Starting salaries will vary depending on your employer and location, with starting salaries for graduates and those with previous experience around £24,000 – £28,000. This can rise to £35,000+ for more senior-level positions, whilst bonuses and commissions can also significantly increase your salary.

Finance recruitment consultant jobs can provide excellent personal, professional and financial rewards. You will be working in a growing sector and get to learn about many different companies and meet people from varying backgrounds. There is real job satisfaction in helping candidates gain employment, and if you work hard and show good abilities, you can earn good bonuses.

However, working as a finance recruitment consultant can be demanding. The recruitment industry can be very competitive, and you will likely have to work hard to stay ahead of your many competitors. You will have to help both jobseekers and employers, often serving as a diplomat between the two. Dealing with rejection is a bit part of the job, and this can become stressful when you have developed relations with both jobseekers and employers.