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287 Full Stack Php Developer Jobs Found

Full stack Php developer jobs continue to appear in the UK because of the ever-increasing demand for web development. As businesses rush to join the e-commerce revolution, the web development sector has grown significantly, creating a growing number of full stack Php developer jobs employers and jobs in the UK.

Working as a full stack Php developer involves working on the back-end and front-end of systems to develop full, independent platforms that do not require other applications in order to function. Keep reading to learn more about full stack Php developer jobs, including required qualifications, expected salaries and career prospects.

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Full stack Php developer jobs involve using different computer languages and technologies to create applications for websites. Dealing with both functionality and user experience, you will be involved in both the front-end, the part that users see, and the back-end, the data access part that only you and other developers see.

You will likely be operating in an office, but there are increasing opportunities to do this remotely. Working as a stack Php developer involves both coding skills and a talent for visual design. General duties for full stack Php developer jobs include:

  • Designing and creating scalable software and client/server-side architecture
  • Writing code for both front and back-ends
  • Testing and fixing any coding issues
  • Develop and manage databases, applications and cyber security
  • Writing technical documents

The majority of full stack Php developer employers will want you to have a university degree in a relevant subject as well as relevant experience. Suitable degrees include those in compute science or software engineering. In terms of experience, you will have to show knowledge of developing desktop and mobile applications and using multiple front-end and back-end languages.

You will likely be asked to demonstrate your work as well as undertake a small test. Full stack Php developer employers will also look for the following personality traits and skill sets:

  • Analytical mindset
  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills
  • Organised and able to multi-task
  • Determined, patient, with a strong attention to detail

Full stack Php developer jobs offer good career prospects. As e-commerce grows and more companies and industries turn to web-based solutions, becoming a full stack developer could be a great career choice. Skills are in demand and only likely to increase, helping to create good long-term job security and plenty of opportunities to develop and earn more.

Entry-level full stack Php developer jobs generally offer salaries of between £20,000 – £25,000. You will be provided with lots of training and be able to gain some valuable experience. As your skills develop, so will your salary, with many developers moving onto mid-level positions after around four years.

Salaries for these positions generally fall between £25,000 – £35,000. From here, you can move onto more senior-level positions such as lead developer or team leader. Salaries for these positions can rise to £60,000 and more, depending on the sector and location you are working in.

Full stack Php developer jobs can provide excellent salaries, job security and career prospects. You will be a valued member of an organisation and get to work both analytically and creatively. You may be working for a specialised agency, or internally as part of an organisation’s IT team. You will be able to work in many different sectors, with part-time, full-time and remote-working positions all available.

However, the role can be demanding. You may have a heavy workload with a ‘to do’ list that never seems to get smaller. You may have to work long hours during important projects, as well as be on call to help solve any emergencies. You will have to work closely with others, accept criticism and keep abreast of the latest IT developments and trends.