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4 Graphic Artist Jobs Found

Graphic artist jobs exist in many different industries. The role is very creative and can provide an interesting and varied working day. As such, you will likely be working across various activities. These can include design work for websites, advertising campaigns, product packaging, magazines and posters. You will often be part of a creative design team, working closely with other creatives, including writers and developers.

You may be working internally for an organisation or for an agency, where you will likely be working across many different clients and industries. The role can often be demanding, with high workloads and tight deadlines. You will need to be creative, be up to date with the latest design software and a good understanding of design costs and process. Keep reading for a detailed graphic artist job description, including expected salary and career developments.

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Graphic artist jobs remain to be mostly office-based roles. However, a growing number of remote working graphic artists jobs are appearing on Zoek as more and more companies begin offering work from home options. Despite being part of a larger team, you will often be working alone on a project. The role also involves sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time. General duties associated with working as a graphic artist, include:

  • Taking design briefs from clients/senior company members
  • Providing time/cost estimates for design work
  • Developing creative ideas/concepts, such as interactive designs
  • Working with CAD programs and other related media/technology
  • Proofreading work
  • Presenting ideas/designs to clients/senior company members

Graphic designer jobs do feature qualification and skill requirements. However, your talents as a graphic designer will likely always be more important to an employer than what qualifications you have. Regarding how to become a graphic artist, there are various routes open to you. The most common path people take is to study for a relevant qualification. These can include HNDs and degree programs in subjects such as graphic design, illustration and CAD.

Apprentice and entry-level positions do exist. However, such roles are becoming very competitive and you likely will be required to show design skills and have a portfolio of work. You will be required to use various computer design packages, including Acrobat, Illustrator and InDesign. In addition to skills and qualifications, employers will likely look for the following:

  • Good communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Creative, determined and hard working
  • Ability to multitask and good time management skills

Graphic artist hiring continues to increase, helping to create good long-term job security. Once you have gained some years of experience, you will be able to move towards more senior-level roles, such as senior designer. From here, positions such as studio manager and creative director will become possible. Development will also depend on your own abilities. The more skilled you become, the more important the projects you will likely work on. This will in turn, open more opportunities to develop professionally.

The average starting graphic artist salary is around £15,000 – £19,000. Once you gain experience, wages can rise to £35,000 for senior artist positions. Creative director and other management-level roles can see salaries rise to over £60,000. As always, wages will also depend on the size of an employer, as well as their location and industry. An increasing number of graphic designers now work freelance. Such roles can pay between £150 – £400 a day and can be very lucrative. Furthermore, in-house teams in general pay more than design agencies.

There are of course advantages and disadvantages to graphic artist jobs. The role has become more important thanks to the growth of e-commerce. Therefore, finding graphic artist near me roles has become much easier. The position comes with good long-term security, career prospects and higher-than-average salaries. You will be working in a creative environment and be able to see the very visible results of your hard work.

However, the role can also be demanding. Agency work can be very hectic, and you will often have a heavy workload. You will need to be able to understand client/management briefings and translate these into visually attractive work. You may have to deal with regular criticism of your work, and also be required to work long hours during important campaigns.