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2 Graphic Artworker Jobs Found

Graphic artworker jobs are specialist roles that exist within large design departments and external agencies. The role does have many similar tasks to other roles, such as graphic designer. Therefore, many roles often incorporate artworker duties. However, creative artworker jobs do feature very distinct duties from other design-related roles.

The primary role of a professional artworker is to ensure designs look correct across many different mediums; from magazine covers to websites on smartphones. This includes ensuring all colours, formatting, dimensions, graphics and other content are correct and consistent across the different channels. The role is an important one, requiring creativity, an excellent eye for detail and often a familiarity with various CAD software. Keep reading to learn more about working as a graphic artist, including expected salary and career path opportunities.

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Working as a graphic designer creative artworker involves performing different tasks to ensure designs are optimised and ready for publication. The role is often likened to that of a copyeditor at a newspaper. Whilst there are similarities, artworkers roles involve the use of different types of mediums, and therefore often require professional training/qualifications.

Whether you are working internally for an organisation or for a specialised design agency, it will be your role to ensure designs are print ready. Web design and digital graphics have become a huge part of this role. Therefore, you will need digital media design skills for graphic artworker jobs. General duties associated with this position, include:

  • Ensuring colours, dimensions, typography and other areas are error-free and suitable
  • Making final checks on all designs before they are printed/published
  • Working closely with other designers, including writers and graphic artists
  • Ensuring employer/client guidelines, images, etc., are used correctly and consistently

Many artworker employers look for candidates with a combination of skills, experience and professional qualifications. However, having a strong graphic design artwork portfolio is often more important than industry-specific qualifications. Qualifications, such as graphic design, illustration and Computer Aided Design (CAD) are desired because they provide training in important areas.

The growing importance of computer design means employers will also likely expect you to be familiar with various software, such as Acrobat, Illustrator and InDesign. In addition to qualifications and/or a good portfolio of previous work, artworker hirers will also be looking for the following skills:

  • Excellent eye for detail
  • Creativity and understanding of the design production process
  • Team player with good interpersonal skills
  • Hard working, diligent and determined
  • Good commercial understanding of the design sector

Creative artworker jobs can offer excellent career prospects. The role has grown in demand as more and more companies require digital design work, such as for social media and mobile platforms. Therefore, creative artworker vacancies are becoming more common, particularly in large UK cities. Junior roles generally pay around £17,000 – £20,000 to begin with. This will then rise as you gain more experience, with the average senior artworker salary standing at around £35,000. As with most positions, your development will often depend on your own abilities.

Many artworkers develop other professional skills, such as CAD, to enable them to perform other duties. Attaining such new skills will also help your development, as well as changing roles much easier if you wish to. From senior artworker roles, you will be able to work towards positions such as senior creative, creative director and head of design. Freelance positions are rare but do exist in this sector. However, these are often remote based, requiring you to be highly efficient with design software.

Graphic artworker jobs have become a highly specialised position. You will have lots of responsibility and the opportunity to become a valued member of a design team. More and more roles are becoming available, and many positions pay higher than the national average. The chance to work creatively on different projects is also appealing to many, as are the growing opportunities to work from home. Roles can be found in many different sectors and long-term job security remains good.

However, the role also has its cons. Graphic artworker vacancies can involve heavy workloads, demanding clients/bosses and the need to work to tight deadlines. You will be expected to produce error-free work. Therefore, if any mistakes are discovered later, it is highly likely that you will be blamed. Low starting salaries can also be an issue for some, whilst the need to remain up to date with the latest software and design techniques can also be a problem for some people in the role.