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3 Graphic Design Executive Jobs Found

Graphic design executive jobs have grown in importance and popularity because of the emergence of e-commerce. Websites and online advertising have caused an increase in demand for individuals with graphic designer qualifications and experience. The role features both technical and creative duties, providing an often interesting and dynamic working environment. Designs you could be working on include websites, print advertising, packaging and social media campaigns.

Graphic design executive jobs exist in both the public and private sectors. Furthermore, you could be working for a company’s design team or for a specialised design agency. Agency work can be demanding but also exciting as you will work across different sectors. Many graphic design roles require you to have qualifications and experience of various techniques/software. Keep reading for a detailed graphic design executive job description, including expected salary.

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Working as a graphics design executive will likely involve many different duties. The role often involves working on a computer in an office alongside other creatives. These can include copywriters, marketers and software developers. There are growing opportunities for remote working, with many agencies now offering this option to senior designers.

You will be responsible for listening to briefs and transforming these into attractive, effective designs. This can include both online designs for websites and advertising campaigns and offline designs, such as for product packaging. Common tasks related to executive graphic design jobs include:

  • Working with CAD software
  • Proofing your work and others for errors
  • Providing budgets and timelines for design work
  • Presenting ideas/designs to colleagues/clients
  • Developing creative concepts, such as hybrid content

Because of the technical nature of modern graphic design roles, you will likely be expected to have role-related qualifications. These can include HNDs and degrees in subjects such as graphic design and computer aided design (CAD). Furthermore, employers will expect you to have a portfolio of work, even if this is just voluntary work you have done or designs for your own website.

Your abilities and competence with design software are very important. This means some employers may consider your application even without qualifications of you show strong ability. Common design packages that you may need to be competent in include Acrobat and InDesign. In addition to qualifications and skills, graphic design executive employers will also look for candidates with the following:

  • Good written and spoken communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail and good proofreading abilities
  • Creative and up to date with the latest design software/techniques
  • Good time-management skills and ability to multitask

Executive graphic designer vacancies can provide excellent career prospects. The emergence of e-commerce has resulted in renewed demand for qualified graphic designers. Therefore, roles can be found in a growing number of different sectors. Furthermore, graphic design agencies provide many opportunities. Because of the nature of the role, there are also increasing freelance opportunities, whilst temporary work on large projects is also common.

As you gain more experience, you will be able to move towards more senior-level roles. These can include senior designer and head of creative positions. Salaries are good in this sector, with wages often above the national average. An executive assistant graphic design starting salary is around £20,000, depending on your qualifications and experience. Once you gain experience, salaries can rise to £35,000 for senior graphic designers. From here, head of department and management level positions can pay upwards of £50,000. Day rates for freelancers can vary between £150 – £400, depending on the sector you are working in and specifics of a project.

Working as a graphic design executive can provide many benefits. Your skills will be in good demand, and therefore you will likely find suitable positions across the entire UK. The role is creative, and you will often be working on very different projects. This can make the position interesting and dynamic. Salaries are good, and there are growing opportunities to work freelance and from home.

However, graphic design executive jobs can also be stressful at times. You will often have a heavy workload and deadlines that must be met. Your work will be open to criticism and you must be able to accept such comments for the good of the team/client. You will be required to stay up to date with the latest design techniques and software, which can be time consuming and demanding.