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Graphic artist jobs exist in many different industries. The role is very creative and can provide an interesting and varied working day. As such, you will likely be working across various activities. These can include design work for websites, advertising campaigns, product packaging, magazines and posters. You will often be part of a creative design team, working closely with other creatives, including writers and developers.

You may be working internally for an organisation or for an agency, where you will likely be working across many different clients and industries. The role can often be demanding, with high workloads and tight deadlines. You will need to be creative, be up to date with the latest design software and a good understanding of design costs and process. Keep reading for more information on how to become a graphic artist, including expected salary and career developments.

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Graphic designer junior vacancies can be a great way to enter this profession. Entry-level roles such as this are generally found with large organisations and specialised design agencies. As a junior, you will often be working closely with more senior members. Therefore, this can be a great way to gain important skills and experience whilst also earning a salary. Most roles are office based, particularly for junior roles.

You will be working predominantly on a computer and therefore be required to sit for long periods. Whilst specific duties will vary depending on the size and sector of an employer, general tasks will likely include helping colleagues on projects. This can include proofreading designs and helping compile client proposals.

A graphic artist job description is varied, with the role featuring creative, technical and clerical-based duties. Therefore, most positions will require you to have relevant qualifications, such as in CAD or illustration. However, junior-level roles will offer some flexibility if you are able to show you have the relevant skills. This is done through having a portfolio of your work, such as website design.

Having a portfolio is important as it shows your abilities with industry design software, such as Illustrator and InDesign. Some graphic designer junior positions may require you to study for a qualification whilst working. Employers will also be looking for candidates who display various traits, these can include:

  • Creativity and good understanding of advertising/marketing design principles
  • Professional attitude and hard working
  • Good team player and interpersonal skills
  • Organised and ability to multitask

Graphic artist and related CAD designer jobs have grown as e-commerce continues to dominate markets around the world. As you gain more skills and experience you can move into more senior-level roles that will provide higher salaries and more responsibilities. This can include taking the lead on large projects and dealing more with clients if working for an agency. Roles can be found in many sectors, making it much easier to find a graphic artist near me job. Promotion is often dependent on both your design skills and team working and organisational abilities.

Once you have a strong portfolio of your work, you may also have freelance options. These can open new doors to further your career and increase how much you earn. The average graphic artist salary begins around £15,000. This will then rise once you gain more experience. Senior designers can expect salaries of around £30,000. As always, salaries are also dependent on the sector you work in, the size of an employer and where they are located.

There are various pros and cons to working as a junior graphic designer. You will be given the opportunity to learn valuable skills on the job. Graphic artist hiring companies can be found throughout the UK, and there are growing ‘work from home’ opportunities. Salaries are above the national average once you become experienced. Furthermore, your working day is likely to be varied and interesting.

Of course, as a junior, you will likely be expected to perform many ‘small tasks’ at first. Despite being very creative, the role also involves clerical and customer-service based tasks. You will be required to keep up to date with industry design software, as well as work long hours during important campaigns. Initial salaries can be low, particularly for small companies and those in the public sector.