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362 Head Of Development Jobs Found

Head of development jobs can be found in many different industries. This includes everything from automobiles and retail to business and financial services. These roles feature lots of responsibility and require candidates to have excellent organisational, business and leadership skills. You will be expected to lead others by example and have a highly professional attitude.

As head of development, you will be expected to take the lead in identifying new growth opportunities for your employer. This will be in the form of researching new markets or helping to create a new product/service. Keep reading to learn more about head of development jobs, including expected salaries and required skills and qualifications.

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The specific duties of someone working as a head of development will of course depend on the specific industry they are in. However, head of development jobs do feature some common tasks and responsibilities. Because of the senior-level of the role, you will often be working closely with upper management, including directors and executives.

You will be expected to research, develop and implement new ways to increase income and profits for a business. General duties that head of development employers will expect are likely to include:

  • Leading a team, including training, motivating, assessing and assigning work
  • Develop and maintain relations with third-party groups, such as clients and suppliers
  • Create development plans and present these to members of upper management
  • Identify and approach new business opportunities

Many head of development jobs will require you to have a university degree. This is perhaps natural considering the high-level and importance of the role. It is of course possible to enter head of development jobs without a degree, with some people working their way up to the role from lower positions, such as those in sales.

In addition to qualifications, most head of development employers will expect you to have considerable experience in a similar role. Regarding additional skill sets, many head of development jobs will require you to:

  • Develop strong relations with people from many different groups
  • Ability to multi-task and work well under pressure
  • Have excellent time, budget and project management skills
  • Lead, manage and motivate team members

Head of development jobs feature excellent career prospects. Working as head of development involves lots of responsibility. You will be judged on your ability to help grow a company in various areas, including products and profits. The role can be found across many different industries, helping to create numerous opportunities for those with the relevant qualifications and previous experience.

Regarding salaries, head of development jobs are often well paid. The average salary for those working as a head of development is £60,000. However, wages vary significantly depending on the location, sector and size of an employee. For example, head of development jobs in large international finance companies in London are likely to offer much bigger salaries than a similar role at an SME in retail in Newcastle.

There are numerous pros and cons to working as a head of development. You will likely have lots of control and freedom over your day-to-day duties. You will also have opportunities to show your talents and value, as well as help ensure the continued success of a company and its other employees. Good salaries and job security are other positive factors for head of development jobs.

However, head of development employers will likely demand lots from you. You will be busy and expected to continuously produce good results. You may be required to do lots of travel, including attending regular events. The role can be very competitive, and you will always be judged on your results.