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Head sales and marketing jobs are important roles within any organisation. Working in head sales and marketing roles involves setting the sale or marketing strategy for your employer. Your responsibilities and duties will vary, including the management of people, training, hiring and providing regular reports to upper management. Head sales and marketing jobs can be found across many different industries and both the public and private sectors.

You will likely be in charge of team of sales and marketing agents and will often involve the management of sales operations rather than actually selling yourself. Keep reading to learn more about working in head sales and marketing jobs, including required experience and career prospects.

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Head sales and marketing jobs play a crucial role in the success/failure of a company. Therefore, your working day is likely to be busy, with you directly responsible for many different areas. As a manager, your time will likely be split between sales and marketing relating duties and staff management. B2B and B2C roles will vary slightly in duties, with B2B roles often involving more client-relations and research.

As leader of a department, head sales and marketing employers will expect you to proactively seek ways of increasing sales and marketing. This will likely include everything from setting weekly sales targets for employees, to using social media and other online techniques to ensure your marketing remains relevant and effective. General duties for head sales and marketing jobs are likely to include:

  • Training and motivating members of your team
  • Constant monitoring and analysis of sales and marketing procedures in order to improve them
  • Attending conferences, exhibitions and meeting clients face-to-face
  • Provide, clear, regular updates to those in upper management

Working in head sales and marketing positions will require an in-depth knowledge of sales and marketing, as well as the products and services your employer offers. Whilst there may not be an official requirement for qualifications in this role, many head sales and marketing employers will likely expect you to have a university degree in a related subject, as well as industry-specific diplomas or certificates.

Whilst qualifications may not be that important, previous experience is vital. You will be expected to have worked in sales and marketing for a number of years and gained valuable experience. You will need to demonstrate excellent marketing and sales skills, possibly in the sector your employer operates in. Important skill sets include:

  • Strong spoken and written communications skills
  • Good people management abilities
  • Positive, confident, determined attitude
  • Excellent attention to detail and ability to multi-task
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

Working in head sales and marketing jobs offer great opportunities to further your career even further. These positions come with a lot of responsibilities, therefore you will have worked your way up to head sales and marketing jobs over a number of years. You will be given much more input into overall direction, as well as be the ‘go to’ person for all sales or marketing issues. Head sales and marketing employers will expect you to use your experience and skills to improve short-term and long-term sales and marketing.

Success in head sales and marketing jobs can lead to progression to more senior-level positions, including regional managers, directors and other executive roles. You will have the opportunity to make a real difference to the success/failure of a company. This means if you are successful, your efforts will likely be noticed and rewarded. However, this also means that failures will likely be yours.

There are many pros to head sales and marketing jobs. You will be considered a valued and important member of a company. You will therefore be given lots of responsibilities, helping to provide real job satisfaction when things go right. You will be paid well, given chances to work both inside and outside an office and have opportunities to move even further up in your career.

However, head sales and marketing employers can be demanding. You will likely have to work long hours, particularly during important projects. As a head, you will probably have to remain ‘on call’ should any issues arise, as well as deal with negative issues such as poor performance and staff dismissals.