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94 Healthcare Worker Jobs Found

Healthcare workers can be found in a variety of settings and sectors, with healthcare worker employers based in locations throughout the UK. Those working as a healthcare worker deliver care, support and services in a variety of environments, including patients in hospitals and the elderly in care homes. Healthcare worker jobs involve providing important care and assistance alongside other medical staff such as doctors, midwives and nurses. As the UK healthcare continues to grow, an increasing number of healthcare worker jobs are appearing, particularly in the private sector as more healthcare worker employers enter areas such as care homes. Healthcare workers can often be the first point of contact with patients, meaning a friendly, caring and confident manner is often required by healthcare worker employers when hiring for these roles.

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Healthcare worker jobs can be an interesting sector to enter because the roles offer such variety on a day-to-day basis. You can expect a demanding and varied workload when working as a healthcare worker, with most days likely to be very busy. Such a dynamic working environment is often appealing to many people looking to enter the healthcare sector. Because healthcare worker jobs can be found in many different areas in both public and private industries, day-to-day duties will obviously vary. General duties that do exist include:

  • Ensuring patients/those in care are looked after in terms of being comfortable, including help with eating, dressing, taking medicine and washing
  • Taking and recording medical information, including blood pressure and heart rate
  • Taking blood samples, processing lab samples and sterilising equipment
  • Helping in the promotion of healthy living to colleagues/clients and the general public


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Healthcare worker employers do not require applicants to have any formal qualifications when applying. As such, healthcare worker jobs can be a great way to gain some experience and enter the wider healthcare industry. Basic requirements for those working as a healthcare worker include a solid grasp of spoken and written English. Whilst some healthcare worker employers may want you to have some relevant work experience, this is not always required. Such voluntary and apprenticeship experience can often be found at local hospitals and nursing homes.

With healthcare worker jobs not featuring the need for any specific qualifications, healthcare worker employers place more of an emphasis on a candidate’s character. Skill sets helpful for those working as a healthcare worker include having strong communication skills, a friendly and kind manner and the ability to work in sometimes stressful conditions and remain calm under pressure. Healthcare worker jobs will involve many different duties, and you must therefore be willing to be flexible and take on new tasks and responsibilities when required.

Career prospects for those working as a healthcare worker are good, with a constant supply of positions becoming available as more and more healthcare worker employers appear in the market. Healthcare worker jobs feature on-the-job training and excellent opportunities for training and developing new skills. For example, many nurses, midwives and social workers begin life working as a healthcare worker before going on to train in these areas. Likewise, there are also opportunities to become assistant practitioners in numerous specialist areas, including physiotherapy and chiropody.

With the NHS the single biggest employer in the UK and the healthcare industry as a whole continuing to show solid growth, there are many great opportunities for those wishing to enter this sector. Because of these factors, long-term job stability is good, with the role providing a fantastic chance for many without formal qualifications to enter the sector and help make a real difference to peoples’ lives.

Healthcare worker jobs involve a large variety of duties and working environments. As such, many roles within this area will vary quite a lot in terms of what is good and bad about the job. General negative issues surrounding working as a healthcare worker include the demanding nature of the role, particularly regarding the emotional aspect of dealing with people who are ill and frail. Workloads can also be high for people working as healthcare worker, whilst some healthcare worker employers will require you to work shift, including weekends and nights. The physical nature of the role can also be off-putting for some, as can the need at times to help patients with personal matters, such as hygiene and going to the bathroom.

Healthcare worker jobs can be very rewarding because every day you will be helping to make a real difference to many people’s lives. Job satisfaction in this role and others in the industry can be very high, with the majority of individuals working as a healthcare worker doing so because they want to help people. Long term stability is good for healthcare worker jobs, whilst once working in the healthcare industry, there are often many opportunities to further your career and gain valuable qualifications and experience.