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8 Information Technology Apprentice Jobs Found

Information Technology Apprentice jobs can be a great way to enter an important and growing sector. IT roles can be found across many sectors, with IT professionals an important part of many businesses. Apprentice roles are most commonly found with large organisations and specialist IT agencies.

As an apprentice, you will likely be studying for a professional qualification whilst also working ‘on the job’ and earning a reduced salary. Keep reading for a detailed IT apprentice job description, including expected salary and qualification requirements.

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IT technician apprenticeships feature a mixture of ‘on the job’ experience and traditional studying. Therefore, your time will likely be split between working on site and attending a local college. Apprentices often work closely with senior members of a team. As such, you will likely be mentored by a senior IT member. Apprenticeships last between 12 months and 4-years depending on the qualification you are studying for. You will likely need to achieve a certain level of grades whilst studying to qualify for the next year.

Furthermore, you will probably also need to display talent and progress whilst working to convince employers to keep paying for your education. The role is a good way to learn the basic skills required to be an IT technician. This will include experience of popular operating systems, such as Windows and Citrix. In addition, you will learn important data analysing techniques, and other skills essential for a successful career in IT.

IT apprenticeships requirements often include some basic qualifications and experience of and interest in IT. Basic qualifications are likely to include GCSEs in English and math and possibly a B-TEC or A-Levels in relevant subjects. Competition is often high for apprentice places. Therefore, anything you can do to improve your chances is recommended. This includes a portfolio of work or voluntary experience in an IT-related area. IT courses can last between 1 and 4 years. As such, IT employers look for candidates who are determined and hard working. Other traits that employers look for in employers includes:

  • Good written and spoken communication skills
  • Genuine interest in IT
  • Good timekeeping and ability to multitask
  • Strong problem-solving skills and analytical way of thinking

IT apprenticeships programs can provide excellent long-term career prospects. IT continues to grow in importance. As such, there are often many IT jobs available across the entire UK. Demand for qualified and skilled IT professionals remains high, providing many opportunities to develop professionally. Part-time, full-time and freelance IT positions can be found, and the role offers good long-term job security. The information technology apprentice skills you will acquire are essential for a career in IT. Once you have completed your apprenticeships, your employer will often provide a full-time position. As you gain more experience and new skills, your role is likely to change. This will include being given more responsibilities on important projects. Senior IT workers can see salaries anywhere between £28,000 – £50,000. IT wages also vary depending on sector, size and location of an employer.

Information technology apprentice jobs offer many benefits. You will be learning important skills and achieve a professional qualification required for career development. Many successful apprentices often start working immediately after graduating, making the route a great way to find employment. IT as a sector continues to grow in importance, making your skills and experience in high demand. This provides excellent job security and ensures salaries remain above the national average.

Of course, apprenticeships also have their problems. Competition to get on such courses is often high, particularly in a popular area such as IT. Salaries are often very low whilst you are studying. This can be a big issue for many, such as adults wanting to start an apprenticeship. However, it should be noted that these low wages also include the cost of the education you are receiving. Meaning how much you are paid is often higher than first thought. Splitting your time between working and studying can be time-consuming and demanding. As an apprentice, you may also be given simple, menial tasks when first starting, which can also become an issue for some people.