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20 Key Accounts Manager Jobs Found

Key account manager jobs exist across many different industries in both the public and private sectors. Similar in duties to that of an account manager, this role comes with more responsibility as you will be required to deal with your employers’ most important customers. The role does come with some prestige as the position is generally given to those showing the greatest skills and promise.

You will be expected to work closely with clients to nurture and develop long-term relationships. As you will be working with important clients, poor work or disappointing results can have a huge effect on your employer. Keep reading to learn more about key account manager jobs, including expected salaries and required qualifications.

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A key account manager job description is varied. You will be required to perform many different tasks, all centred on ensuring your clients remain happy. Your duties will of course depend on the specifics of a role. For example, you could be working for a marketing agency with key clients found across many different industries.

Likewise, you could be working internally for a business, and therefore specialising in just one area. Despite such variation, there are some common tasks related to key account manager jobs.

  • General key account manager responsibilities include:
  • Dealing with key clients on a day-to-day basis to ensure good relations
  • Ensuring key clients remain satisfied and get the results they want
  • Constantly look for upselling opportunities
  • Provide regular updates/reports to senior-level members of your company and those of your clients

Most employers will require you to have a university degree in a related area. However, it is possible to move into this role from other positions or if you have previous experience in a sales team or a particular sector. Depending on the role you take, there will also likely be industry-specific qualifications available that can help your development, such as those in digital marketing.

Whilst a key account manager job description will vary depending on the specific sector and employer you work for, there are general skills deemed desirable by employers, these include:

  • Strong spoken and written communications skills
  • Good customer relations skills
  • Hardworking, diligent and able to multitask
  • Strong attention to detail and highly organised
  • Good general business understanding

Key accounts manager jobs can offer excellent career prospects. Working with the most important clients, your work and success will likely have a very real impact on your employers’ success. Therefore, you will have lots of responsibilities and opportunities to show others your worth and talent.

Promotion routes to higher-level positions, such as accounts director and team management roles do exist. Such roles are often open to those with proven experience and successes and can lead to significantly higher salaries.

With the role found in so many different sectors, there is good long-term stability and security in the position. The average key account manager salary begins around £25,000 depending on the size and industry of an employer.

Salaries can rise to £40,000+ once you have gained some years of experience and moved into more senior positions. Furthermore, many of the skills you develop can be easily transferred to other jobs should you wish, such as sales people roles. This further increases your long-term employment prospects.

Key accounts manager jobs can be very demanding. You will have lots of responsibility and many different tasks to perform. Dealing with important clients and ensuring they remain happy on a daily basis can be stressful. You will have many different duties to multitask, and your working day is likely to be very busy.

However, the role can also be rewarding. You will be working in an important role and given the opportunity to contribute to your employer’s success. If you show promise, you will be given the chance to move into more senior-level roles which will increase your salary and open even more career opportunities to you.