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49 M&e Manager Jobs Found

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) managers play an important part in organisations, helping to improve and measure performance across many different areas. M&E manager employers exist in various industries across both the public and private sectors. Therefore, working as an M&E manager can involve a variety of different tasks depending on the size and sector of a company. You will likely be based in the headquarters of a business and be expected to provide strategic and technical assistance, as well as help in the collection, management and evaluation of data. Keep reading to learn more about M&E manager jobs, including expected salaries and daily duties.

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M&E manager jobs can feature many different duties, with these often dependent on the sector and size of an organisation you are working for. Project management planning can be a big part of the role, with M&E manager employers often expecting you to support various activities, including determining performance and impact indicators and day-to-day monitoring and evaluating. Other duties that are common across M&E manager jobs include:

  • Analysing & reporting findings to others
  • Developing regular reports for various stakeholder groups
  • Provide training and leadership to junior-level members
  • Help establish ‘best practice’ systems and procedures

Many M&E manager jobs now will require you to have a university degree, often in a related subject such as data analytics, economics or business. HNDs and specialist qualifications are also available and often accepted, including those related to survey design and statistics. M&E manager employers will expect you to demonstrate strong research and analytical skills, as well as be comfortable with IT. It is possible to work your work up to such positions within an organisation if you do not have a degree, but you will have to show strong skills in the required areas. In addition to qualifications, working as an M&E manager will also require you to have the following skills:

  • Strong spoken and written communications
  • Ability to translate complex data into easy-to-understand facts
  • Good interpersonal skills, for both internal and external groups
  • Hard working, determined and ability to multi-task

M&E manager jobs can offer excellent career prospects. The role is becoming increasingly important as data becomes more important to companies. As such, there are often many opportunities for candidates with the required qualifications. Furthermore, career development prospects are good, with various senior-level positions available once you gain the required experience. You will be a valued member of team and can make a real difference to the success of a business. Salaries for M&E manager jobs can start at around £30,000 and rise to £50,000+ for senior positions. Wages can vary depending on the sector, size and location of a company. For example, M&E manager jobs in the finance sector often pay higher salaries than other industries.

There are various pros and cons to working as an M&E manager. The role can be highly specialised, meaning once you have gained the relevant experience, your skills and experience are likely to be in high demand. The role can be varied, featuring office and non-office-based duties. Salaries are higher than the national average and you can work across many different sectors.

However, M&E manager jobs can also be very demanding. You will likely be given many responsibilities, as well as provide regular briefings to senior management. Work loads can be high, whilst you may also be required to work some unsociable hours, including evenings and weekends.