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Machine operative senior jobs can be a great stepping-stone to even higher roles. Your main duties will centre around installing, operating and maintaining equipment related to the manufacturing, storage or packaging of goods. These roles can be found in many different sectors, everything from food and pharmaceutical production to electronics and automobiles.

As these roles are senior positions, you will likely be required to have previous experience in a similar role. Furthermore, many employers will also want you to have some relevant qualifications. Your duties in these roles will likely vary and may include the need to supervise and train more junior operators. Keep reading for a detailed senior machine operator job description, including expected salaries and career opportunities.

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Senior machine operator vacancies are generally open to operators with at least four years of experience. However, this can also depend on your own abilities, size of an employer and the sector you work in. As a senior, you will have much more responsibilities than previous roles. Therefore, you will likely be involved in overseeing important projects, such as the installation of new equipment. You may also be involved in supervising and training new operatives, as well as ensuring employer protocols and procedures are followed by all team members. You could be working on one specific part of a production line or overseeing an entire department such as packaging.

Many machine operative senior jobs will place an emphasis on your previous experience and abilities rather than qualifications. You will likely need at least four years of experience in a similar role to be considered by employers. However, more technical roles, such as those related to computer systems, may require you to have a recognised qualification, such as a HND or university degree. In addition to previous experience, employers will be looking for candidates with a variety of skill sets, these include:

  • Analytical mind and good problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work with and motivate others
  • Strong communication skills
  • Hard working and good multi-tasking abilities

Working as a senior machine operative can be a great step to even higher positions. Many positions are dependent on your own abilities, making them a great career for people who are determined and hard working. With vacancies found in many different sectors and with companies of every size, you will likely have many opportunities to change positions if you want to. You will be in a position to gain new training and industry-specific qualifications, as well as obtain valuable management experience.

The average senior machine operator salary is £25,000. However, this will vary depending on your own expertise and the size, location and industry of an employer. Some sectors, such as pharmaceuticals and automobile production will likely offer higher salaries than those in food production or packaging. From here, wages can rise to £35,000 and more.

Working as a machine technician can provide a good salary for a role that remains in demand across many different sectors. You will be in a position of authority and have the chance to learn valuable management skills that will enable you to progress further professionally should you want. Roles can be interesting, and you may have the opportunity to work in various different departments for an employer.

However, these roles can also be stressful at times. You will likely have a heavy workload and you may have regular deadlines that you will have to meet. Other negative issues can include the need to work shifts, including nights and weekends, as well as be ‘on call’. Working environments can be noisy and dynamic, with you required to wear protective personal equipment (PPE) when required.