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Machine senior operative jobs exist in many different industries and can serve as a great way to develop a career in this area. As a senior, you will be expected to already have some years of experience. With so many different roles available, your duties can vary significantly. For example, you could be involved in anything from automobile and pharmaceutical production to electronics and food.

Working with machines or various sizes and functions, you will be involved in all aspects, including installation and maintenance. The role is often found in factories and warehouses and you may be required to work shifts. Keep reading for a machine senior operative job description, including expected salary and required qualifications.

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Machine senior operative vacancies can involve many different duties, and the specifics of a role will largely depend on the sector and size of an employer. The role will centre around ensuring equipment remains in safe and working order. You could be working with large, heavy-engineering type machines or using computers to control a very specific aspect of production.

As a senior machine operator, you will be given more responsibilities. This can include more focus on important projects such as installation, as well as helping train and supervise newer members of a team. You may be working on one specific aspect of a machine or across many areas of production. Most roles involve the need to work shifts and are mostly found in factory and warehouse settings.

Employers will be looking for candidates with various senior machine operator skills and experience. For many roles, there will be no formal qualification requirements other than perhaps GCSEs and maybe a license, such as a fork-lift truck drivers’ licence. However, some more specialised roles, such as those using computer-assisted machinery and in sectors such as pharmaceuticals may require you to have a relevant qualification. What will be more important to employers will be your previous experience and skill sets. Employers will be looking for candidates with the following abilities:

  • Good understanding of machinery and engineering principles
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work alone and as part of a team
  • Hard working and able to work to own initiative

A machine senior operative career can provide many benefits. The role can serve as an important stepping-stone to more senior-level positions. Promotion is often dependent on your own abilities and hard work, making them great roles for many people. Furthermore, as you progress, you will likely have the chance to gain more experience and qualifications. This will improve your career opportunities even further. With positions found in many different sectors and locations, it is becoming much easier to find machine senior operative jobs.

Promotion to high roles will depend on various factors, including the size of an employer and whether you want to specialise in a particular area. For example, many machine operators move into more specialised positions, such as installation or training. The average machine senior operative salary is £25,000. However, this is highly dependent on many factors, including shift pattern, location, size and sector of a business. Once you gain some experience in the role, salaries can rise to £35,000.

Machine senior operative vacancies feature many benefits. Your skills remain in good demand, and you will likely find suitable positions across many different industries. You may have the opportunity to learn valuable management techniques and this can serve as an important step in furthering your career.

There are also cons to these roles. Starting salaries in some sectors can still be low, whilst promotion can take longer in small-sized companies. You may have to work shifts, including unsociable hours, whilst working environments can often be noisy and full of moving machinery. Furthermore, you will likely need to study for further qualifications should you wish to progress to more senior positions.