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24 Mammographer Jobs Found

Mammographer jobs can provide an excellent career in a role that continues to play a very important part in the health sector. Mammography jobs involve using equipment to take images of breast tissue in order to look for and identify any abnormalities.

The job is varied, involving the use of highly sophisticated equipment and dealing with patients face to face. You will be expected to perform professionally at all times, helping patients feel at ease during what can be stressful occasions. Keep reading to learn how to become a mammographer in the UK, including required skills and qualifications.

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Mammographer jobs involve a variety of duties related to creating medical images of a patient’s breast tissue. This includes welcoming patients, explaining procedures to patients/their families and ensuring all imagery is of the required quality. Many mammographer jobs are with the NHS, and you will therefore likely be working in either a hospital or health clinic environment.

You will be working as part of a team and be expected to ensure all equipment and your working environment are clean and working effectively. In addition to operating radiography equipment, you will be required to ensure all imagery is of sufficient quality, as well as investigate areas of concern that may arise and provide effective reports to doctors for treatment.

You will be required to have relevant qualifications for mammography jobs. You will need a degree in radiography, nursing or healthcare, as well as an industry-recognised qualification in mammography. It is possible to work as a trainee mammographer, with many people moving into the role from other health-related positions, such as from within an X-ray department.

In addition to having the relevant experience, mammographer employers will be looking for candidates with the following mammographer skill sets:

  • Strong written and spoken communication skills
  • Excellent ‘bedside’ manner and ability to put patients at ease
  • Discreet, professional manner
  • Strong understanding of mammography equipment and processes

Mammographer jobs can provide excellent career prospects. Whilst the majority of roles still exist within the NHS, an increasing number of trainee mammographer jobs are appearing in the private sector. Demand for the role remains high, helping to create good long-term security. Furthermore, once you become experienced, you will likely have the opportunity to move into more senior-level roles, where duties may involve training and budget issues.

A mammographer salary is above the national average, starting around £30,000 and rising to £45,000 and more for senior positions. Furthermore, mammographer jobs in London will often pay between 5% – 15% more than other locations in the UK to reflect the higher cost of living in the area.

Working as a mammographer can provide a professionally and financially rewarding career. You will be playing an important role, helping in the diagnosis and treatment of patients from a wide range of backgrounds and ages. Salaries are higher than the national average and you will have opportunities to further yourself professionally.

Of course, the role can also be demanding and challenging. You will likely have a heavy workload and you will need to ensure all imagery taken is of the highest quality at all times. You may be required to work some unsociable hours, including evenings and weekends, as well as ensure you act in a pleasant and professional manner at all times, regardless of how busy or tired you are.