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Working as a marketing assistant involves providing support to other marketing professionals on projects aimed at increasing company profits. The marketing industry in the UK continues to grow, creating a greater demand for marketing assistant jobs. Your daily duties will be varied, centralised around creating, monitoring and reporting on marketing campaigns your team have helped develop.

You could be working as part of an organisation’s in-house marketing team or for a specialised marketing agency. Marketing assistant employers and jobs can be found in both the public and private sectors, and include charities, manufacturers and retailers. Keep reading to learn more about marketing assistant jobs, including expected salary and qualification requirements.

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Marketing assistant jobs will involve a variety of duties. Because many are entry-level positions, you will be given lots of training. However, depending on how busy your employer is, much of this may be done ‘on the job’.  You will therefore have to be a quick learner. Working as a marketing assistant, you will be providing support to others in the marketing team. Whilst duties may differ slightly depending on your employer, general duties are likely to include the following:

  • Writing reports and similar documents
  • Assisting with promotional activities
  • Helping with market research
  • Performing media monitoring
  • Participating in brain storming sessions

Many marketing assistant employers will not require you to have any qualifications other than GCSEs or maybe A-Levels. However, a growing number of marketing assistant jobs now require a university degree, often in a marketing-related subject. Qualification requirements are therefore likely to be different to each company and sector. In general, any qualifications you can show will likely increase your chances of successfully working as a marketing assistant.

Marketing assistant employers are also looking for candidates with various skills sets that are important for the role, these include:

  • Good communication skills
  • Confidence and creativity
  • Organised and able to multi-task
  • Commercial awareness
  • Understanding of using computers and general social media channels

Marketing assistant jobs can be a great way to enter the industry. Marketing continues to be an important part of all businesses, and therefore, once fully trained, you will likely have many opportunities to develop your career. The industry has a fairly structured career progression route, from assistant to executive to senior marketing executive, and then onto director and more managerial-level roles. Promotion will often be based on your abilities and years of experience. Whilst becoming a senior marketing executive may take roughly ten-years in some sectors, it can be much less in other areas.

Working across different areas, such as B2B and B2C will also increase your experience and make you more attractive to prospective marketing assistant employers. Other such areas include event marketing, emergency marketing and digital marketing. Starting salaries for marketing assistant jobs are generally around £16,000 – £20,000, with this rising for positions in London and other major cities. Once you have gained experience, marketing executive roles offer roughly £20,000 – £30,000, with this rising to £45,000 and more for senior executive and managerial-level positions.

There are many advantages to working as a marketing assistant. You will gain lots of training and skills that will enable you to move onto more senior roles. Demand in the industry is good, meaning there are often many job openings available. This allows you more freedom when deciding what area of marketing and location you wish to work in. Other advantages include opportunities to work outside and travel, clear promotion routes and a steadily increasing salary.

However, marketing assistant jobs can be very demanding. You will likely have to work hard and be expected to perform any task given. Starting salaries can also be low compared to the pressure and work load you may be given. Other negative issues include having to deal with demanding clients and working in busy environments.