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553 Office Administrator Jobs Found

Office administrator jobs can be great roles, providing you with lots of experience and opportunities to move into different working areas. Roughly two million people work in administrator roles in the UK’s public and private sectors. As such, there are often many office administrator jobs available in towns and cities across the UK.

As the role can be found in virtually every sector, you will be involved in providing general office and admin duties. Working as an office administrator can provide many useful skills that can be transferred to other roles, helping you further your career and opportunities. Keep reading to learn more about office administrator jobs, including expected salary and career prospects.

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Office administrator jobs can be varied, with you likely responsible for many different duties. This will include general IT tasks, such as creating documents using a computer, as well as ensuring shared systems, such as an office calendar, are kept up to date. Working as an office administrator may also involve dealing with customers/visitors face-to-face, through email and telephone.

Your duties will likely be centred around an office environment. However, there are growing remote working opportunities for people interested in working as an office administrator. You will work with people from varying levels, including office juniors and members of senior management. Additional tasks may include dealing with payroll issues, organising training schedules and handling all holiday and sick pay.

There are no official qualification requirements for office administrator jobs. Therefore, they can be a great entry-level way to enter a business. You may be required to have GCSEs in English and maths. Furthermore, office administrator employers will want you to have strong IT skills, including strong document making abilities and familiarity with various operating systems, such as Microsoft Office.

Because qualifications are not vital in this role, employers will be looking for candidates with various skill sets, including:

  • Good communicator, spoken and written
  • Hard working and a good team player
  • Highly organised with the ability to multi-task

Office administrator jobs offer excellent career prospects. Most roles can be entered without qualifications, and you will be given lots of on-the-job training. You will be able to develop valuable skills and experience which you can then use to move into more senior-level positions, such as office manager.

Furthermore, many people working as an office administrator move into other areas, such as human resources. Starting salaries for people working as an office administrator are around £16,000 – £19,000. From this, wages will increase depending on your abilities and the specifics of a role. Office manager roles offer salaries of £25,000+.

There are various pros and cons to office administrator jobs. The role can be dynamic, with you expected to help with a variety of duties. You will learn many new skills and have opportunities to work with people from different areas and levels of a company.

However, office administrator employers can also provide low salaries, whilst expecting you to deal with a heavy workload. You may feel underappreciated in the role at first, and day-to-day duties may be repetitive at first.