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56,724 Part Time Jobs Found

Part-time jobs can be found in many different sectors and at different levels. You could be working in retail, with no previous experience requirements. Likewise, you could be a part-time nurse, in which you will of course still need to be fully qualified. There are no set hours for working part-time. As such, any jobs that feature less than 35 hours a week are considered to be part-time.

Part-time jobs can provide many different benefits and opportunities and are particularly good for people also studying. The number of part-time jobs available in the UK has risen in recent years thanks to the emergence of the gig economy. Keep reading to learn more about part-time jobs, including career opportunities and salaries.

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In terms of duties, part-time jobs are often no different to full-time roles. Whatever the position you take, you will be expected to carry out duties just the same. What makes part-time jobs different is the extra freedom you have. You are often able to choose what hours you work, making them great for people with other commitments, such as family or study.

Part-time jobs can be found in a growing number of sectors and positions, meaning more and more people are now considering working part-time. This includes people taking a break from their career, people coming out of retirement and individuals wishing to change careers. However, part-time jobs tend to be centred around low-skilled positions, with fewer opportunities at management level.

Qualification and experience requirements will depend on which part-time jobs you are applying to. For example, part-time teaching roles will still require candidates to have a teaching qualification and background check. Likewise, other part-time roles may require you to have skills and previous experience relevant to the role. However, many part-time jobs are entry-level positions. This makes part-time roles great for school leavers and those looking for a new career. You will often be required to be flexible in terms of duties and schedule, with many part-time jobs also involving shift and weekend work.

The way we live our lives and work is changing. This is particularly true regarding part-time jobs, with employers now found in a variety of different sectors. Once considered to have limited career prospects, more and more people are using part-time jobs to help them decide on a career.

Furthermore, part-time jobs provide a great opportunity to move into a full-time position should you wish. This is becoming increasingly common, as companies realise the benefits of hiring part-time workers after they have gained relevant experience and proven themselves. Part-time jobs in retail, hospitality and cleaning remain some of the most common sectors, with many roles often available in large towns and cities.

With part-time jobs and employers found in many different sectors, they can provide an excellent way to quickly being work. Flexibility and the option of working in many different sectors are just two advantages of part-time jobs. Other benefits include the possibility of turning a part-time job into a full-time-positions as well as gaining valuable skills and experience.

However, part-time job can also be demanding. You may be required to work unsociable hours, including evenings and weekends. Furthermore, your working hours may change each week, making it difficult to budget your salary. Other issues include low hourly wages and limited options to develop in your career.