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3,151 Php Developer Jobs Found

PHP developer jobs have grown in importance and popularity as e-commerce continues to change the way businesses operate. PHP is the most popular and widely used programming language for websites. PHP has been around for a long time and shows no signs of losing its popularity. As such, there are a growing number of PHP developer employers and jobs appearing in the UK.

Working as a PHP developer involves writing server-side web applications and ensuring these integrate well with front-end developments. The job is both analytical and creative, with vacancies found in businesses across the public and private sectors. Keep reading to learn more about PHP developer jobs, including required qualifications, expected salaries and career opportunities.

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PHP developer jobs involve developing server-side logic, maintaining the central database and ensuring front-end responsiveness and performance. As you may be integrating front-end elements, you will likely need an understanding of front-end technologies. Your duties will change as you progress in your career, however, general duties will include the following:

  • Building, testing and maintaining reusable PHP modules
  • Solving architectural challengers and solving performance issues
  • Integrating data storage solutions, including databases and key-value stores
  • Creating technical documents and working as part of a close team

PHP developer employers will likely require you to have a relevant qualification and be able to demonstrate required skills. Regarding qualifications, most PHP developer jobs will ask for a degree in a related subject, such as computer engineering. Some employers also offer entry-level positions for graduates. However, often more important for companies is your ability. You will have to be able to show skills and understanding of a variety of areas, including:

  • Knowledge of PHP web frameworks and strong understanding of PHP and its limitations
  • Experience with MVC design patterns
  • Understanding of accessibility and security compliance, as well as scalable applications
  • Familiarity with different databases and their languages

PHP developer jobs offer good career prospects for those willing to work hard and who show a natural talent for developing. Demand for those working as a PHP developer continues to grow, helping drive up salaries and increasing career opportunities. Entry-level positions will generally involve a few years of lower-level development tasks, often under supervision and as part of a team.

Once you have gained more experience and developer your skills, you will be able to move into mid-level roles where you will be given more responsibility. This often takes around three or four years. Following this and depending on the internal structure and size of your employer, you may be able to move towards senior-level positions such as head developer. Such roles will involve leading a team of developers and being much more responsible for overall performance.

Regarding salaries, entry-level positions will pay around £20,000 – £25,000. Once you have a few years of experience and moved to more complicated tasks, salaries rise to between £25,000 – £35,000. Following this, wages can be anything up to £60,000 + for lead developer and team leader positions. It should be noted that salaries will also depend on the size of your employer, the sector they operate in and their location, with London and other city-based roles often offering higher wages.

There are many advantages to working as a PHP developer. First, the role continues to grow in demand, helping to create many opportunities for those with the right skills. PHP developer jobs can be found in nearly every industry, with employers often offering part-time, full-time and remote-working positions. Salaries are good and there is the potential to develop your career and earn lots more.

However, PHP jobs can be tiring. You will often have a heavy workload and be sat down for long periods of the day in front of a computer screen. You may be working in an office with little opportunity to change your surroundings, and you will likely need to work extra hours during busy periods. Working as part of a team can be difficult for some, as will the need to be able to accept constructive criticism from colleagues, particularly when starting out.