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308 Production Team Leader Jobs Found

Production team leader jobs involve overseeing a manufacturing process. It will be your duty to ensure production levels and quality remain at required levels and that you meet regular production targets. Depending on the size of your employer, you could be in charge of a large team of employees and machinery and equipment worth millions of pounds.

Roles can be found in many different industries, from electronics and automobiles to foods and medicine. You will need extensive experience for this role, whilst some employers will also want you to have qualifications, such as those in management. Your duties will incorporate many different areas, including technical, staffing and supplier issues. Keep reading for a production team leader job description, including expected salary and required skills.

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Production team manager responsibilities are varied, and you will be expected to take the lead in many different areas. Depending on the size of an employer, you could be expected to manage a large team of employees. Your duties will include everything from motivating workers, ensuring production runs smoothly, meeting production targets, staff hiring and reporting results to senior management.
With vacancies found in many in many sectors, specific duties can vary significantly. You could be working with anything from automobiles to foods or pharmaceuticals. However, general tasks related to the role will likely include:

  • Ensuring company policies and targets are always followed and met
  • Delegating tasks to supervisors
  • Ensuring staffing, training and stock levels are always optimum
  • Hiring/firing employees
  • Identifying areas to improve performance

Because of the importance of this role, employers will require you to have extensive production experience. This will be in supervisor, assistant manager or shift manager-level positions. You will need to demonstrate strong knowledge and understanding of production techniques in the field you are looking to enter. Furthermore, you will also likely be required to have considerable man-management experience and be able to demonstrate past successes.

Regarding required qualifications, this is less clear. Your experience and skills will be more important to employers, but there will also likely be an expectation that you will have some relevant qualifications. This will likely be degrees in areas such as management or industry-specific qualifications, such as those offered by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT). Required skills will include you having excellent management and multi-tasking skills, strong interpersonal and motivation abilities and a high attention to detail.

Senior roles such as this offer excellent career prospects. You will be in a position of high responsibility and given the opportunity to make a very real difference to a business. You will acquire skills and experience in many different areas and be given the opportunity to move into even more senior-level positions should you succeed in this role. With manufacturing continuing to be strong in the UK in many industries, finding production team leader jobs near me is becoming easier for qualified candidates.

Production team leader salary will depend on various factors, including the size and sector of an employer. For example, production manager wages for a large pharmaceutical or automobile factory will be higher than for a small food production facility. Average salaries for this role start around £25,000 to £40,000 but can rise to more than £60,000. Such positions also come with other benefits, including private pensions, bonuses and share schemes.

Production team leader vacancies have many benefits. You will be a position of high authority and be able to make large changes and improvements to how a production line/facility operates. You will be able to build on your production and management skills and use the position to move into even more senior-level roles. Salaries are strong and long-term job security is good, with demand continuing for skilled candidates.

Of course, the role can also be demanding. You will be responsible for ensuring production remains at the required level. You will have to deal with many different issues, from technical problems to issues related to staffing. Your working day will be busy and you will likely have to work some unsociable hours, as well as be ‘on call’ outside of normal working hours.