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4 Reach Fork Lift Driver Jobs Found

Reach fork lift driver jobs can provide a great way to enter the growing logistics industry. Reach fork lift trucks are different to stands for lift trucks in that they are specifically designed to reach objects/stock that is stored in high locations. Most reach fork lift truck jobs are found in warehouses and large factories. Licenses can be gained quickly and fairly cheaply, making the role a great option for those looking to begin a new career.

Furthermore, many employers will pay for the license, enabling you to continue working whilst also studying. Reach fork lift truck employers exist in many different industries, helping to create good demand for those with the relevant skills and experience. Keep reading to learn more about working as a reach fork lift truck driver, including expected salaries and career opportunities.

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Reach fork lift truck driver jobs will focus around you operating a forklift truck. This will likely be in a warehouse/factory setting and will include moving stock to and from different locations, including delivery vehicles and large trucks. You will probably be working in a busy environment and be required to operate in a safe and effective way.

The role can often be demanding, including the need to meet daily/weekly targets. Shift work is very common among reach fork lift truck driver jobs, including the need to work nights and weekends. The role differs slightly from normal forklift truck jobs in that you will be specifically required to move items stored at heights. This can make the role more demanding, and requires a strong level of concentration, spatial awareness and excellent driving/operating skills. Other general duties can include maintenance of the forklift truck and the need to operate other similar machinery if/when required.

The only qualification requirement for this role is the need to have an official fork lift truck driving license. The average price of the course if around £300 and can often be completed full-time in less than one week. There are also part-time studying options available. Training centres can be found throughout the entire UK. Once you have gained the qualification, you will be able to apply for entry-level reach fork lift driver jobs. This is the quickest way to gain the qualification and therefore start working as a driver. However, there are other options available if you do not want to pay for the license yourself.

Many reach fork lift driver employers offer the training course to warehouse operatives already working for them. Therefore, you could being working as an operative and then show interest in studying for your license. In terms of skill sets, the following abilities are valued by reach fork lift driver employers:

  • Skill operating heavy machinery
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Health & safety experience, particularly regarding vehicle operation
  • Good team working skills

Working as a reach fork lift driver can provide excellent career opportunities. The role remains in strong demand, with opportunities found across the whole of the UK. Furthermore, the logistics and warehouse sectors continue to grow, helping to create new opportunities and provide good long-term job security. Once trained and with some experience, you can then work towards more senior driver roles and then onto shift manager and supervisor positions.

Salaries can be low to begin with, and often start around £17,000 – £22,000 a year. This will then rise as you gain more experience. Furthermore, there may often be opportunities to work overtime, which can further increase how much money you earn. There are differences in wages, with reach fork lift driver jobs in and around London often paying more than other UK locations.

There are various pros and cons to working as a reach fork lift driver. The role can be an easy and inexpensive way of beginning a career in the logistics industry. You will be given lots of responsibility and often be sat down and working indoors. There will be opportunities to move into different roles, as well as transfer to similar positions in different sectors should you choose.

However, the role can also be demanding. You will likely be working shifts, which can include nights and weekends. Furthermore, you may have strict targets to meet, which can become stressful. You will also need to operate in a careful and diligent manner, including ensuring the safety of yourself and your work colleagues when operating heavy machinery.