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Working as a recruiter can provide an excellent career. Helping match job seekers with employers, the role can be very rewarding emotionally and financially. The UK recruitment sector continues to grow, providing many opportunities at different levels. Recruiter jobs can be found in both the public and private sectors, as well as internally for large businesses or for a dedicated recruitment agency.

The role offers a mixture of office-based and external duties, including meeting with clients and creating and publishing job adverts. There are good opportunities for career development, and salaries can be very good in some sectors. Keep reading to learn more about working as a recruiter, including required qualifications and expected salaries.

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Recruiter jobs can be varied, with you likely expected to help with the entire candidate-hiring process. You will be working closely with both hirers and job seekers, helping to ensure both parties are happy throughout the entire process. Your duties will involve the entire hiring process and therefore require you to have various skills.

Regardless of the sector, recruiter employers are likely to require you to perform some or all off the following duties:

  • Initial briefings with hirers/employer regarding job specs and type of candidates wanted
  • Create and publish job adverts in appropriate media channels
  • Initial screening of candidates and providing recommendations
  • Interview and job prep with candidates, as well as interview follow-up
  • Contract negotiations when required

There are no specific qualification requirements for recruiter jobs, and entry-level positions do exist. However, with the sector becoming more competitive, some employers are requiring university degrees. Whilst the subject is often not that important, some sectors such as IT and finance may prefer candidates to have degrees in related subjects.

With many roles not requiring any qualifications, your skill sets, previous experience and personality are important to recruiter employers. Previous customer service experience is useful in this role, as you will often be dealing with differing groups of people face-to-face. Desirable traits include:

  • Strong written and spoken communication skills
  • Good interpersonal abilities, including working as part of a team
  • Good attention to detail and ability to multi-task
  • Strong IT skills, as well as social media and marketing abilities

Recruiter jobs can offer excellent career prospects. The sector continues to grow and there are often many opportunities available in different industries and at varying levels. You can receive valuable on-the-job training and experience which will help you further develop. Promotion in the recruitment industry can fast, often depending on your own abilities rather than years of experience. In larger organisations and agencies, clear promotion paths often exist. These include senior recruiter, head of department and recruitment manager positions.

People working as a recruiter often also move into other areas of a business, such as human resources and marketing. Other career options include working freelance, becoming a consultant and setting up your own agency. Salaries generally start around £15,000 – £18,000 for entry-level positions. From this, salaries can rise to around £28,000 for senior positions. Managers and those with more than ten-years of experience can expect to earn up to £40,000. All salaries will also be dependent on bonuses which are common in this industry. Furthermore, some sectors such as finance and IT may offer higher-than-average wages, whilst recruiter employers based in London will also often pay more.

Recruiter jobs can be very rewarding. The sector continues to grow, helping to provide good long-term job security. Furthermore, you will often be rewarded for your hard work, with promotions and bonuses dependent on your own abilities and determination. You may have the chance to work in many different industries and help people improve their lives by finding them their dream jobs.

However, recruiter jobs can also be demanding. The industry can be quite competitive, and you will likely be expected to meet deadlines and produce results on a regular basis. It can sometime be difficult balancing the needs of a hirer with a job seeker, whilst having to tell candidates they have been unsuccessful on a regular basis can also be stressful for some people.