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4 Recruitment Apprentice Jobs Found

Recruitment apprentice jobs are a great way to enter the ever-growing UK recruitment industry. With companies placing more focus on hiring the right candidates, the role of recruitment professionals has become more important. Apprenticeships, graduation programs and entry-level positions requiring no qualifications or previous experience all exist. This makes the recruitment sector a great choice for people from varying backgrounds.

Recruitment apprentice employers operate across many different industries in both the public and private sectors. For example, you could be working inhouse for a large organisation, or with a specialised external recruitment agency. The role can be exciting and there are often great long-term career opportunities. Keep reading to learn more about working as a recruitment apprentice, including required skills and expected salaries.

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With recruitment apprentice employers found in many different industries, your duties could vary significantly. For example, working for a recruitment agency many involve dealing with clients across many different sectors. Whereas internal company positions often focus on finding candidates in one particular field.

You will likely be working closely with senior members and learning on the job. This will include all aspects of the role, including attending client meetings as an observer. Reflecting the nature of the role, your apprentice duties will cover a variety of tasks, these are likely to include:

  • Helping create and publish job postings
  • Responding to emails and answering the telephone
  • Attending meetings and interviews as an observer
  • Helping with general office admin, including updating databases and producing documents

Different requirements exist for recruitment apprentice jobs. Many entry-level roles exist in which you will take the role of an apprentice and be given extensive on-the-job training. However, these roles mainly exist amongst general recruitment agencies only. Furthermore, starting salaries can be low, whilst promotion opportunities may depend largely on the size of the agency.

More official apprentice and graduate programs also exist. Most graduate programs for recruitment apprentices exist with large companies operating in particular sectors, such as finance or IT. These programs often require a university degree in a related area to their industry. Competition for positions can often be high, meaning recruitment apprentice employers will often look for candidates with desirable skill sets. These include:

  • Professional appearance and business outlook
  • Confident, clearly spoken and a quick learner
  • Good IT skills, including with documents and spreadsheets
  • Hard working, determined and a team player

Recruitment apprentice positions can provide excellent career prospects. You will receive valuable training and experience which will help you develop further professionally. Furthermore, you will be working in a thriving industry, providing you with many opportunities for work. Reflecting this, the recruitment agency continues to be one of the fastest growing sectors for new start-ups. Once fully trained you will be able to more towards more senior-level positions, as well as take on more responsibilities. Many of the skills you will get can be easily transferred to other jobs should you wish to change, including roles in marketing and human resources.

As with many apprentice-level positions, starting salaries can be low. Average wages for recruitment apprentice jobs are around £14,000 – £17,000. Once trained, salaries rise to approximately £25,000, with this then climbing to £40,000+ for senior recruitment positions. Salaries vary significantly in the recruitment industry. Roles in sectors such as finance often pay higher wages, whilst businesses based in London also often provide bigger salaries. Bonuses are also common in this role, which can also make a difference to how much you are paid.

Working as a recruitment apprentice can provide an interesting role in a dynamic and growing industry. There is often good long-term job security, as well as many opportunities to progress by switching jobs. You can be working in various different sectors and often split your time between working in an office and visiting clients and candidates offsite. Furthermore, salaries can be high once you are fully trained and with some years of experience.

Recruitment apprentice jobs can also be demanding. You will be expected to learn whilst working and will need to quickly get up to speed. You will need to be flexible in your duties and be expected to help other colleagues with a wide range of tasks. Starting salaries are generally low, and can be slow to rise, especially within smaller companies.