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67 Recruitment Officer Jobs Found

Recruitment officer jobs are becoming more widespread as the sector continues to grow in the UK. Working as a recruitment officer involves helping match hirers with suitable job candidates. Recruitment employers exist in various industries, as well as specialist recruitment agencies and positions in the public sector.

The role can be varied, with you expected to undertake a mixture of office-based and off-site duties, such as visiting clients and potential candidates Salaries can be high and there will also be many opportunities for you to progress professionally. Keep reading to learn more about working as a recruitment office, including required qualifications and expected salaries.

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Recruitment office jobs involve various duties, helping to create an interesting and dynamic working day. Your duties will differ depending on whether you are working internally for a business or for a specialised recruitment agency. However, regardless of where you are working, you will likely be working close with both hirers and job seekers. This will involve helping both parties throughout the entire job advertising process. Recruitment officer jobs will feature the following tasks:

  • Converting initial hirer briefs into effective job postings
  • Identifying appropriate media channels for jobs postings
  • Conduct initial candidate screening and make recommendations to hirers
  • Help candidates prepare for interviews
  • Conduct any required contract negotiations between the two parties

Many recruitment officer positions will not require you to have any previous experience or qualifications. This is because many positions are entry-level and will feature extensive on-the-job training. However, as the recruitment sector becomes more competitive, an increasing number of recruitment officer jobs now ask for candidates to have a university degree. Whilst the degree subject is often not that important, some sectors, such as IT or pharmaceuticals, may require you to have a degree in a related subject.

Any relative previous experience or skills will of course help you in your application. Desirable skills and character traits include:

  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Clear written and spoken communications
  • Hard working and able to multi-task
  • Good IT and social media skills
  • Strong interview and negotiation abilities

Recruitment officer jobs offer good career prospects as the sector continues to grow. There are often many entry-level recruitment officer jobs available, making them a great way to start a career. You will acquire skills and experience that will help you develop a career recruitment or move into other sectors should you wish. Possible options include roles in marketing and human resources. Other possible career routes include remote working, working as a consultant or establishing your own recruitment agency. The recruitment industry can be dynamic, meaning promotion can often be much quicker than in other industries.

Once you have gained experience, you will be able to move towards more senior-level positions, such as senior recruitment officer, team leader and head of recruitment. Recruitment officer salaries begin around £15,000 and rise to around £25,000 with experience. From here, senior recruitment officers can expect wages of between £25,000 – £40,000. Salaries are also dependent on various factors, including the sector you are working in and the size of your employer. Bonuses and commissions are also common in this industry, and which can also make a significant difference to how much you take home each month.

There are various pros and cons to working as a recruitment officer. The role often requires little experience or formal qualifications, making it a great way to start your career. The UK recruitment industry continues to grow, helping to create opportunities across the country and providing good job security. You will have many opportunities to further your career, and salaries are often strong once you have gained the relevant experience.

However, working as a recruitment officer also has its drawbacks. The role can be demanding, with competition to find and match hirers with candidates. You will need to serve both groups, which can be stressful at times. Furthermore, telling people they have been unsuccessful in the application will be a large part of the role and this can become stressful for some. Long hours and low starting salaries are also negative issues related to recruitment officer jobs.