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Retail assistant jobs exist across the whole of the UK and in many different industries. These roles can be a great way to start a career in retail as most positions will not require you to have specific qualifications or previous experience. You will receive lots of on-the-job training and gain valuable experience that can be easily transferred to other jobs.

Many positions offer flexible hours, such as part-time vacancies, and weekend-only work. Dealing with customers is a big part of this role, and you will therefore need to develop excellent customer-relations skills. Keep reading for a detailed retail assistant job description, including salaries and career development opportunities.

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Retail shop assistant jobs are often fast-paced and busy. You will be required to perform many different duties and will therefore need to be flexible in this role. Customer relations is hugely important when working in retail. Therefore, you will be required to develop excellent customer relations skills. This will include being calm, polite and professional at all times.

Duties will depend on the type of retailer you work for, the size of a store and even its location. For example, famous retail chains in busy cities are likely to be busier than small, independent stores in town centres. General tasks related to working as a retail assistant, include:

  • Ensuring displays and stock levels are always correct
  • Dealing with customer returns and complaints
  • Moving stock and creating displays
  • Dealing with cash payments
  • Ensuring a store is tidy and meets health & safety requirements

With so many positions available in the UK, it is becoming easier to find retail assistant jobs near me. Most roles are entry-level, and therefore require nothing more than GCSEs in subjects such as English and math. As an assistant, you will be working closely with other workers, helping you gain valuable training and skills.

Any previous retail or customer-facing experience you have will help your application. However, this is often not required, with employers focusing more on your own skills and personality. Valuable skills that will help your application for these roles, include:

  • Smart appearance and hard working
  • Well spoken, with a polite, calm personality
  • Good team player and a satisfactory level of physical fitness (you will standing for long periods)
  • Good sales skills and ability to deal with money

Retail shop assistant jobs can be a great way to start a long career in retail. These are often entry-level positions and will feature extensive training in areas such as customer service.

Roles are found in many different sectors and you will often have many opportunities to switch positions should you wish. Once you gain experience, you will be able to move towards more senior jobs, including senior sales assistant, supervisor and store manager roles.

Regarding salaries, this will often depend on factors including the size and location of a store, as well as the sector it operates in. The average retail assistant salary is £8.59 an hour, the UK national minimum wage. With most roles part-time, most employers will provide an hourly rate rather than annual salary. However, as you progress to more permanent-style positions, you will likely be offered a yearly wage. The average annual pay for such positions is around £18,000, with this rising to £25,000 for more senior roles.

Retail assistant jobs part time exist in many different sectors, from food and electronics, to cars, white goods and medicine. Roles are often dynamic, helping to create an interesting and varied working day. You may be able to work part-time, as well as take advantage of store discounts and other related benefits. These roles give you excellent experience and can provide a stepping-stone to more senior roles.

Working in retail can also be demanding. You will have to remain positive with customers at all times. You may need to work evenings and weekends, as well as provide cover for other staff at short notice. Salaries are low at first and can take a long time to increase in small retail outlets. You may need to wear a uniform, as well as perform duties outside of your normal tasks, such as cleaning.