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71 Retail Branch Manager Jobs Found

Retail branch manager jobs offer you lots of responsibility and the opportunity to move into senior management. Roles can be found in many different sectors, including food, clothing and household goods. Working as a branch manager involves many different duties, and you working day will likely be busy and dynamic.

The retail sector remains strong in the UK, making it easier to find retail manager jobs near me should you wish. Your duties will be varied, and likely include dealing with staffing issues, analysing sales and staff performances, ensuring stock levels are correct and making recommendations to senior management. Keep reading for a detailed retail branch manager job description, including expected salary and career opportunities.

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Store branch manager vacancies can provide a dynamic and interesting career. You will have lots of responsibility and have the chance to show your others your management abilities. Retail jobs are often busy roles, and as a branch manager you will need to take the lead in many different areas.

You will be responsible for staff issues, such as training, shift preparation and assigning work. Your time will likely be split between these duties and ensuring a branch runs smoothly and successfully. Therefore, you will be responsible for ordering stock, window displays, sales events and ensuring a branch remains clean and meets health & safety regulations. You will need to be flexible in your duties, and well work outside of normal hours when required. This will include being ‘on call’ for emergencies and working weekends and some evenings.

Retail branch manager skills remain in good demand, with roles found in many different industries across the UK. Therefore, skills and experience requirements often change depending on the sector you are entering. It is possible to work your work up to branch manager roles from less senior positions. However, this can take a while and is not always guaranteed.

Most employers will require you to have relevant previous experience. Furthermore, with competition for roles increasing, qualifications are often also required. The most common and desirable qualifications include HNDs and degrees in subjects such as business studies and management. Employers will also be looking for candidates with the following skill sets:

  • Strong written and spoken communications
  • Excellent team player and ability to lead and motivate others
  • Good retail business understanding
  • Excellent time management and problem-solving skills

Retail branch manager jobs can be a great way to gain valuable management experience and can serve as an important stepping-stone to more senior roles. Graduate retail branch manager vacancies are becoming more common, with many large retailers offering these schemes. These can be a great way to enter an industry at a level of seniority and learn important skills on the job.

Once you have enough experience, you will be able to move roles more easily should you wish. If you work hard and show abilities, you will likely have the opportunity to move into more senior-level jobs. The average retail store manager salary begins around £25,000, rising to £30,000. From here, salaries can rise significantly, with roles such as area manager often paying upwards of £45,000+. Bonuses and other perks, such as a company car and private pension, are also common in these roles and can raise your wages a lot. Salaries in this role can also vary depending on the sector you work in, as well as the size and location of a branch.

Retail branch manager jobs can provide good long-term career prospects. Roles can be found in many different industries and locations. Many of the skills you will acquire can be easily transferred to other sectors, making switching jobs easier should you wish. Salaries are above the national average once you gain some years of experience and roles can be interesting and dynamic. This can help to create an interesting and dynamic working day.

However, the role can also have its drawbacks. For example, you will be responsible for many different areas, requiring you to multitask a large list of duties. Dealing with staff issues and customer complaints can be stressful, with you required to remain calm and professional at all times. Working hours can be long, including the need to work shifts, weekends and Bank Holidays.