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158 Retail Store Manager Jobs Found

Retail store manager jobs can be found in towns and cities across the UK. You could be working in a busy high street, or a large out-of-town business park. Roles exist in sectors from food and fashion to electronics and home furniture. You could be managing a large supermarket or a small independent clothing store.

Your daily duties will be varied, helping to create an interesting and dynamic working environment. You will have lots of responsibilities and the role can be an important stepping-stone to more senior positions. Keep reading for a detailed retail store manager job description, including salary expectations and qualification requirements.

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Retail store manager vacancies involve many different duties. You will be responsible for ensuring a store operates smoothly and effectively, including meeting weekly/monthly/annual sales targets. Your time will likely be divided between office-related duties, store management and dealing with staffing issues.

You will also need to analyse store performance and provide reports and recommendations to senior management. Whilst specific duties will vary depending on the size and sector of an employer, general tasks related to the role include:

  • Hiring/firing staff and providing motivation and training
  • Implementing new company policies and new practices
  • Ensuring stock levels are good and dealing with suppliers
  • Ensuring customer service remains at required levels
  • Assigning duties to others and approving staffing levels and shift rotas

Retail store manager jobs will require you to have extensive previous experience. You will also likely be required to have a university degree, with desirable subjects including retail management and business studies.

Some large retail chains operate graduate schemes. These schemes can be a great way to gain valuable experience and training whilst being paid. Such schemes are often competitive, attracting many applications. Some of the highest paying retail store manager jobs may require you to have qualifications and experience in a particular sector, such as fashion. Regarding the skills that employers look for, these include:

  • Strong sales and business abilities
  • Good leadership and motivation skills
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent written and spoken communications

Working in retail can be exciting and interesting. As branch manager, you will have lots of responsibilities and the opportunity to work with people from many different backgrounds and levels. Positions exist in many different sectors, with it often easy to move between different industries once you gain enough experience. This can make it much easier to find retail store manager jobs near me when searching.

As such, these roles can provide excellent long-term job security. From this role, you can move to more senior positions, such as regional manager and head of retail positions. Salaries can be above the national average, and feature other benefits, such as a company car and bonuses. The average retail store manager job salary is £20,000. However, this can change a lot depending on the size, location and sector you are working. For example, large supermarkets are likely to pay more than a small, independent clothing store. Once you gain experience, salaries can rise to £40,000 and more.

Retail store manager jobs can offer many benefits. You will be a role that can be found in many sectors and this can create good long-term job security. Retail positions are often fast paced and involve many different responsibilities, helping to create an interesting working life. The role can feature additional perks, such as bonuses and private pension.

However, working in retail can also be stressful. The role is demanding, with you responsible for many different duties. You man have a large group of employees to manage, as well meeting regular and demanding sales targets. Working hours can be long and you will likely need to always be on call in the case of emergencies.