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7 Retail Store Supervisor Jobs Found

Retail store supervisor jobs can be found in many different sectors across the whole of the UK. The role involves many different responsibilities and can involve the management of large teams of staff. These positions can be found with famous high street chains in sectors such as food, electronics and household goods. Likewise, you could be running a small, independent retailer with only a handful of staff to manage.

The role can be demanding, involving a busy workload and long hours. However, many positions are well paid and can serve as an important stepping-stone to more senior-level positions. Keep reading for a retail supervisor job description, including required qualifications and expected salaries.

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Retail management vacancies exist in many different industries, locations and with businesses of all sizes. For example, working in a busy fashion retailer in a major UK city is likely to be much busier than that of a small, independent food store in a small town. For some positions, such as with supermarkets, you could be managing up to 50 employees or more. Therefore, your duties are likely to be split between ensuring a store remains profitable and dealing with staffing issues. This can include assigning work, hiring new employees and providing training.

You will likely be working closely with other members of management and be expected to provide regular updates and reports to senior members. Retail store supervisor jobs duties are varied, creating a dynamic and heavy workload. You will often be working both in an office setting and on the ‘shop floor’. General responsibilities associated with these roles include dealing with suppliers, handling customer complaints, ensuring shifts are well staffed and that employees follow all company guidelines and regulations.

As these positions are high level, you will likely require a combination of qualifications and previous experience. Many employers will look for candidates with a HND or degree in subjects such as retail management or business studies. Some large retailers offer graduate schemes which can be competitive to enter but can provide excellent training and promotion opportunities.

However, employers will also be looking for candidates with extensive previous experience and evidence of past successes. You will likely need at least five years of experience in a similar setting to be considered for these positions. Regarding desirable skill sets, employers will be looking for the following:

  • Strong leadership and management abilities
  • Good problem solving and multitasking skills
  • Excellent time management and solid understanding of retail practices
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Strong written and spoken communications abilities

Working in retail can provide excellent career prospects. The sector remains one of the biggest and most important in the UK. As such, it is becoming much easier to find retail store supervisor jobs near me with sites such as Zoek. This helps to create good job security long term and makes it easier to switch roles should you wish. Different promotion routes exist. These can include switching to larger-sized stores and moving into assistant manager and store manager positions.

Salaries in this role are largely dependent on the size, sector and location of a retail outlet. For example, large national chain supermarket positions are likely to offer bigger wages than a similar role in an independent boutique in a small town. The average store supervisor salary begins around £20,000, rising to £30,000. Salaries will often rise as you gain more experience. From here, salaries can rise to £50,000+ for large store manager roles.

Retail store supervisor roles can offer you many benefits. Roles can be found across many different industries and locations across the UK. Demand for experienced retail supervisors also remains high. Salaries are above the national average and there can be other benefits such as company car, product discounts and bonuses. The role can be dynamic and interesting, and you will have the opportunity to work with people from many different backgrounds.

Of course, working in retail can also be very demanding. You will often have a heavy workload and will have many different responsibilities. You may be required to work evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays, as well as be ‘on call’ in case of emergencies. Dealing with staff issues can be stressful, as can ensuring you always meet sales targets and improve efficiently.