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39 Sales Analyst Jobs Found

Sales analyst jobs can be found in many different industries. Working as an analyst involves dealing with large amounts of data. You will be expected to analyse and translate this data into easy-to-understand information for colleagues, clients and senior management. Most roles will be office based and involve working on computers and various software programs.

Positions exist in both the public and private sectors, as well as internally for a business and externally for a specialised B2B sales agency. These vacancies can be a great stepping-stone to more senior positions, with salaries often above the national average. Keep reading for a detailed sales analyst job description, including required skills and career development opportunities.

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Sales analyst jobs UK feature various duties. These often depend on the size and sector of an employer. As an analyst, you will be required to analyse sales data to identify patterns and opportunities for growth. This will include creating detailed reports regarding your employer’s customers, markets and products in relation to sales.

Most of your time will be spent on a computer, but you will also work closely with members from other teams, including sales, marketing and production. General duties related to these roles include:

  • Compiling reports
  • Giving presentations to colleagues/clients
  • Visiting client premises and other locations, such as production lines
  • Identifying new market/client/product opportunities

When looking for sales analyst jobs near me, you will need to meet certain skill and qualification requirements. Sales analyst jobs exist at many different levels. Therefore, requirements will depend largely on a specific role. However, regardless of level, employers will likely require you to have a HND or university degree in a related area, such as sales or analytics. Whilst it is possible to move into these roles from lower positions without a degree, the need for qualifications has become the norm.

All roles except entry-level positions will require you to have some previous experience. Therefore, a good sales analyst CV should include evidence of past successes when possible. Desirable skill sets for this role include:

  • Good research and analytical skills
  • Strong spoken and written communications
  • Good business and sales understanding
  • Good team player and customer-relations abilities

Working in sales always provides opportunities to move into more senior-level roles. Once you are trained as an analyst, your skills will be in good demand. This helps create long-term stability and enables you to switch roles much more easily should you wish. Senior sales analyst roles exist, whilst you will also be able to move into other areas, such as regional and national sales manager positions. If you are successful and increase your employer’s profits, you will likely have the opportunity to develop your career much faster than in other roles.

The average sales analyst salary starts at £23,000. However, this can be higher or lower depending on factors such as location, sector and size of an employer. From here, salaries rise above the national average, with senior roles seeing salaries of up to £40,000, and regional and national roles paying anywhere up to £50,000+. In addition, bonuses, commission and other benefits, such as company cars, can increase your wages.

Sales analyst jobs can provide many benefits. Roles exist across the UK and in many different industries and sectors. This helps make suitable positions much easier and can help you quickly move into more senior-level roles. Salaries can be high, duties can be varied and interesting, and you will have the opportunity to work in a position of good responsibility and importance.

However, working in sales can also be demanding. You will be required to meet regular targets and may need to work long hours during important projects. Working with numbers can be stressful and you will likely spend most of your time in front of a computer. You will be required to create reports and give presentations to management and clients, as well as keep up to date with the latest sales trends and analytical software.