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215 Sales And Business Development Manager Jobs Found

Sales and business development manager jobs involve helping a business improve its sales and grow as a company. Therefore, the role features lots of responsibility and you will often be judged on your performance and successes. Positions exist in many different sectors and you will likely have many opportunities to develop and progress in your career.

Employers look for candidates with a mixture of skills, including analytical and customer-relations abilities. Keep reading for a sales and business development manager job description, including expected salaries and qualification requirements.

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Working in sales and business development management will involve many different duties. Whilst you will likely be office based, you will have opportunities to visit other sites, such as client premises, regional branches and factory floors. Furthermore, more roles are appearing that enable you to work from home or on a flexible working pattern.

You may be part of a team, or working alone, depending on the size of an employer. Furthermore, you will need to work closely with other teams, including sales and marketing departments. Whilst specific duties will depend on the role you take, general tasks related to these vacancies, include:

  • Analysing sales and marketing data and providing reports
  • Measuring improvements in sales and helping ensure sales targets are met
  • Give presentations to colleagues and senior staff members
  • Building and maintaining relations with customers, suppliers and other groups
  • Conduct market research to identify new markets and opportunities

Business development and sales vacancies can be found at different levels. Therefore, requirements can change. Entry-level positions will often require a HND or degree in subjects such as business management, analytics and sales. Graduate programs also exist in many large-sized companies. For more senior-level roles, including consultancy and executive positions, you will also be required to have relevant previous experience.

Working in sales and development can be demanding and stressful. Therefore, employers look for candidates with specific skill sets and personality traits that will help them in this role. These include:

  • Confident and positive attitude
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Good written and spoken communications skills
  • Hard working and determined

Sales vacancies can provide good career prospects. Positions exist in many different sectors and locations, making it now much easier to find sales and business development manager jobs near me. Furthermore, many of the skills you will acquire can be easily transferred to other roles. This makes switching careers and developing your career much easier than in some other industries. If you are successful in this role, promotion to more senior positions can also happen quickly.

Other benefits to these roles include good wages. The average sales and business development salary is £22,000 – £26,000 for entry-level positions. This can then rise to £32,000 once you gain some years of experience. From here, senior level positions can offer wages of up to £50,000 plus. Furthermore, salaries can be increased through bonuses and other benefits, such as a company car.

Sales and business development management can offer many benefits. Your skills will be in good demand and you will likely have many opportunities to look for new roles and develop should you wish. If you show talent and are successful, promotion can occur quickly. Furthermore, your salary can also increase significantly if you are able to increase your employer’s profits. Flexible working options, bonuses and a dynamic working day are other pros to these roles.

However, business development and sales jobs can also be stressful and demanding. You may have to work long hours and make regular business trips. You will be judged on performance and therefore will be under lots of pressure to raise profits. Competitive working environments and the need to give regular presentations to senior management can also be difficult for some people.