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Sales apprentice jobs can provide a great way to enter an industry and gain valuable skills and experience. The UK sales industry is very large, with sectors such as e-commerce, food, fashion and technology continuing to grow. Apprenticeships in sales are becoming more common in industries such as fintech, automobiles, health and IT. These roles can be a great way to earn a salary whilst learning on the job.

You could be selling anything from clothing and food to cars and computer software. Whilst many roles will not require you to have any formal qualifications, positions are becoming more competitive. As such, some sectors and employers are now required candidates to have higher-education qualifications. Keep reading for a detailed sales apprenticeship job description, including salaries and employment opportunities.

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With so many different sales apprenticeships available, your specific duties can vary significantly. For example, a vehicle sales apprenticeship for a large automobile company is likely to be very different to selling B2B products for a fintech business. You could be working in a store, dealing with customers face to face, or operating from an office, dealing with clients over the telephone and via email.

Regardless of the role, having good customer-relations skills is essential. This is because you will be dealing with customers often on a daily basis. Other duties associated with sales apprentice jobs include:

  • Dealing with customer enquiries and complaints
  • Helping in sales market research
  • Providing support to more senior members
  • Helping with promotion campaigns and customer relations

Apprenticeship places are varied, with some being entry-level roles and others only available to graduates. Therefore, requirements for these roles can vary significantly. Many vacancies will only require you to have GCSEs or the equivalent in subjects such as maths and English. However, sectors such as finance and IT often offer a graduate or sales apprentice program. Whilst these are still considered ‘apprenticeship’ style roles, you will likely be required to have a degree to qualify.

In addition to meeting any qualification requirements, employers will also be looking for candidates who display various important skill sets. These will include:

  • Good understanding of customer relations
  • Good sales and business abilities
  • Positive and professional attitude
  • Hard working, trustworthy and a fast learner
  • Good negotiation skills

Working in sales can provide a great career. Therefore, apprentice programs are a great stepping-stone. You will receive extensive training and be able to develop skills and experience that will help you develop professionally. Roles exist in many different sectors and companies will often have clear promotion routes for individuals working in sales.

A career in sales can be very lucrative, with salaries often above the national average. Furthermore, if you are successful, you may receive bonuses and commission which can increase your wages significantly. Salaries in sales vary a lot, with some sectors such as B2B and IT often offering more money than more-traditional industries such as high street retail. Therefore, starting salaries will vary from the minimum wage of £8.59 per hour to an annual starting wage of £17,000. From here, salaries can jump to £30,000 for experienced sales workers.

Sales apprentice jobs can be a great introduction to a long and lucrative career in sales. Roles exist in many different industries and you should be able to find new positions should you wish. Salaries can be good, whilst other benefits such as commission and product discounts can make a real difference to how much you earn.

However, sales jobs can also be stressful and demanding. You may have to work long hours, including weekends. Dealing with customers can be stressful and you may be required to stand for long periods. Other negative issues related to working in sales include low starting salaries and the need to meet regular and demanding sales targets.