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6 Sales Area Manager Jobs Found

Sales area manager jobs feature lots of responsibilities and can be a great stepping-stone to even more senior-level roles. These roles will require you to have extensive experience in sales and management. You may also need a qualification such as a HND or degree in a subject such as management or sales. However, this is often dependent on the sector you are working in.

Sales is a big and varied industry in the UK. Therefore, you will often be able to find vacancies in many different locations and sectors. Roles are split between business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C). This means you could be selling anything from cars and medicine to software or media advertising. Keep reading for a detailed sales area manager job description, including expected salaries and career opportunities.

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Working as an area sales manager will involve many different duties and responsibilities. All duties will of course depend on the size and sector of your employer. However, regional manager roles often involve managing a number of different teams or branches. You will be required to ensure regional sales targets are met. Likely duties will include setting sales targets and identifying new opportunities.

Furthermore, you will need to help with looking at new products, sales promotions and customer groups. Another aspect of the role will be the management of staff. You will be responsible for hiring and firing employees, setting individual targets, providing training and dealing with personal issues. General tasks related to working as a sales area manager include:

  • Analysing sales data and making decisions on these
  • Giving presentations to colleagues, upper management and clients
  • Visiting staff and offices in different locations
  • Meeting clients, suppliers and other 3rd parties

You will need lots of previous experience to qualify for these roles. This will depend on the sector you are entering and the size of the region you are responsible for. However, you will likely need at least five years of experience in a sales-management role. Furthermore, employers in some sectors, such as pharmaceuticals or finance may require your experience to be in their specific sectors. However, more general roles in areas such as retail will often accept experience in different industries.

Qualifications will often be required to enter roles lower than that of regional manager. Therefore, employers will often focus more on your experiences, skills and successes at this level. However, you may still be expected to have a higher-level qualification, such as a degree or HND. Desirable skill sets for this role include:

  • Strong time management and ability to multitask
  • Confident, positive attitude
  • Strong sales and business sense
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills
  • Excellent spoken and written communication abilities

Sales roles can provide excellent career opportunities. Positions can be found in different industries across the UK. Once you have the skills and experience at this level, you will be in demand. This makes it much easier when searching for sales area manager jobs near me. Long-term security is good and if you succeed in this role you may have the opportunity to move into even more senior positions.

Regarding sales area manager salary, this can vary significantly depending on sector, size of region and the size of an employer. For example, being responsible for European sales for a large fintech company in London will pay more than someone responsible for three clothing stores in a particular county.

Furthermore, areas such as bonuses and commission can also greatly increase how much you earn. Starting salaries are around £25,000 – £35,000 on average. However, this can rise to £50,000+ and even higher when bonuses are added.

Sales area manager jobs have many pros and cons. You will be in a position of high responsibility and have the chance to develop your career even further if successful. Salaries are high, whilst other benefits can make such roles very lucrative. Your daily schedule is likely to be varied and dynamic, with regular opportunities for travel.

However, as with all sales roles, working as a regional manager can also be very demanding. You will have regular targets to meet, as well as be expected to regularly identify ways of increasing profits. Working hours can be long, and you may need to attend regular events and conventions. Other negative issues can include the need to travel, as well as having to deal with personnel issues, such as hiring and firing.