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Sales staff jobs can be found in many different industries. Therefore, you could be working in anything from high street retail to IT or business software and services. Sales positions can involve many different duties and provide an interesting and dynamic working day. Most entry-level roles will not require you to have any previous experience and can provide you with excellent skills and experience.

These positions often require you to have excellent customer-relations skills, as well as a professional business outlook and positive attitude. Keep reading for a detailed sales staff job description, including required qualifications and salary expectations.

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Sales staff vacancies exist in many different forms. Therefore, your specific duties can vary significantly. You could be working as part of a large team, or alone in a small store. Furthermore, some roles will require you to deal with customers face to face, whilst other positions are done mainly via computer or telephone. Remote working opportunities are also increasing in this position, whilst many roles are also available part time.

You will likely be responsible for dealing with customers as well as performing general admin duties. As you develop, you may become more involved in setting sales targets and identifying new sales opportunities. Some roles will require you to deal with money, as well as helping with stock levels and promotional events.

Sales staffing roles cover a wide range of sectors and levels. Therefore, candidate requirements will vary depending on a role. Employers exist in both public and private sectors, as well as B2B and B2C. Furthermore, many people now find work through a sales staffing agency. These agencies are becoming more common and are often a good way to find immediate-start positions. Most roles will not have qualification requirements other than GCSEs or equivalent. However, more senior-level jobs in sectors such as finance, IT and engineering may require candidates to have a HND or degree. Previous experience in a sales role will always help your application. This can include customer-service roles such as working in a supermarket. Regarding the sales staff skills employers look for, these include:

  • Positive, helpful attitude
  • Understanding of customer relations
  • Willingness to learn new things and help others in their duties
  • Hard working with good time management
  • Good written and spoken communications skills

Working in a sales role can provide good career prospects. Sales staff vacancies can be found in many different sectors. This helps create good demand for skilled and experienced sales staff. Most employers will provide you with important training which can help you develop your career further. If you show talent in the role, you will likely be given the opportunity to have more responsibilities. Career development can include moving into more senior positions, such as head of sales of the manager of a store. In other sales roles, development can include the management of larger teams and specific regions.

Other sales staff career routes include moving into sales consultancy, as well as the more analytical side of sales. This will include analysing sales data and making recommendations to improve sales. The average sales staff salary varies significantly, with high street retail sales roles often being part-time and therefore paying by the hour. This is usually the minimum wage of £8.59 to begin with. However, sales staff roles in finance, banking and IT can offer large salaries, rising from £23,000 to £50,000+ for senior sales management positions.

Sales staff jobs can be a great way to enter the sales industry. These roles will provide you with valuable skills and experience which you can use to further your career. Salaries in some roles can be high, while most employers will also offer other benefits, such as bonuses and staff discounts. Both part and full-time positions exist, whilst remote working is becoming more common. Many roles will involve many different duties, and this can help to create a varied and interesting working life.

Of course, there are some negative issues associated with working in sales. Roles can be very demanding, with you constantly under pressure to meet sales targets. Dealing with regular rejection, customers and money can be stressful at times. Furthermore, many roles will require you to work unsociable hours such as weekends and Bank Holidays. Low pay in sectors such as retail also remains an issue, particularly with entry-level positions.