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160 Senior It Recruitment Consultant Jobs Found

Senior IT recruitment consultant jobs focus on matching the right candidates with the right jobs in the IT sector. The IT sector continues to show good growth and as such, there is strong demand for qualified candidates in this role. Senior IT recruitment consultant employers exist in various sectors, meaning you could be working internally for a large IT company, or for a specialised recruitment agency. You will likely be involved in the entire hiring process, from helping to create job adverts to initial interviews and contract negotiations. Keep reading to learn more about senior IT recruitment consultant jobs, including career development and expected salaries.

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Working as a senior IT recruitment consultant can be an interesting and dynamic role. Your will likely divide your time between an office and visiting clients/candidates. There are also increasing opportunities to work remotely in this position. If working for an agency, you will need to develop close relations with your clients so that you fully understand what they do and the types of candidates they want. Likewise, you will deal closely with job seekers, including helping them prepare for interviews. There will be difference in duties depending on whether you are working internally for a company or for an external recruitment agency. However, most senior IT recruitment consultant employers will expect you to perform the following tasks:

  • Develop and maintain close relations with clients and job seekers
  • Create and place job adverts in suitable media channels and monitor these for effectiveness
  • Interviewing and short-listing prospective candidates
  • Informing candidates of their success/failure regarding their applications
  • Act as a negotiator between different groups
  • Headhunt specific individuals for specific jobs

Working as a senior IT recruitment consultant does not require any official higher-education qualifications. However, because of the senior-level of the position and the specific sector, many senior IT recruitment consultant employers now require candidates to have a university degree, preferably related to IT.

Your previous experience in recruitment, particularly IT, is of much more importance to prospective employers. You will need to demonstrate strong understanding and practical experience in recruitment. Furthermore, you will likely need to show some management abilities as you may be expected to help supervise more junior members of a team. In terms of the skills that employers look for, these include:

  • Strong interpersonal abilities
  • Confident communicator, both written and spoken
  • Hard working, determined and able to multi-task
  • Able to learn quickly and work alone and as part of a team

Senior IT recruitment consultant jobs can offer excellent career prospects. The role remains in good demand, with employers found in a growing number of areas. If you are hard working and succeed, there are many opportunities for career development. Such positions include team leader and managerial-level roles. You may also be able to switch roles, such as from an agency to an IT company or vice-versa.

A growing number of specialised IT recruitment agencies are appearing, whilst more and more consultants are also starting their own agencies. Starting salaries for senior IT recruitment consultant jobs are around £27,000. With experience and having gained some years of experience, salaries can rise to £40,000+. Bonuses and commission are also common in this role and can make a big difference to how much you earn. Likewise, the size of an employer and location, such as being in London, can also affect salaries.

Senior IT recruitment consultant jobs can be dynamic and rewarding both financially and professionally. You will ultimately be helping people find jobs, which is a very positive thing. Furthermore, you will be working in different environments, with opportunities to make professional contacts that could help your career develop further long-term. Your duties will be varied and you be a respected member of a team.

However, the role can also be demanding. You will be expected to only recommend suitable candidates and be on call to help both clients and job seekers whenever they need it. You will also have to give candidates the bad news they have been unsuccessful, which can be upsetting. The possibility of long hours and the need to consistent good results can also be negative issues related to senior IT recruitment consultant jobs.