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169 Senior Registered Nurse Jobs Found

Working as a senior registered nurse can be both a rewarding and demanding career. Nursing remains one of the most respected careers in the UK, and there remains high demand across the entire UK for trained nurses. One of the biggest senior registered nurse employers in the UK is the NHS.

However, an increasing number of people working as a senior registered nurse can now be found in the private sector, including private hospitals/clinics and large-sized companies and other organisations. The role is considered a stepping-stone to more senior-level roles, including shift manager and head nurse roles. Keep reading to learn more about senior registered nurse jobs, including expected duties and salary expectations.

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Working as a senior registered nurse will provide you with an interesting, dynamic and very rewarding role. Every day is likely to be different and you will be expected to perform a wide variety of duties. Your actual duties will depend on the specifics of your role. For example, working in a busy city hospital can be different to the duties of a senior nurse working in a small rural village.

As a senior nurse, you will be given many responsibilities, including assigning work to colleagues and providing training to junior members. You will be working as part of a bigger team and will therefore be expected to have excellent team working skills. General duties associated with senior registered nurse jobs include:

  • Assessing patient health and recommending treatment
  • Providing medical treatment to patients, including medicine
  • Assisting patients with tasks such as eating and walking
  • Monitoring patient health and providing updates to patients and their families

There are of course strict qualification requirements to working as a senior registered nurse. Firstly, you must have a recognised nursing degree from university. Additional requirements include high school qualifications in English and math, as well as at least two A-Levels. In addition to formal qualifications, as this is a senior-level position, you will be expected to have relevant experience. This will likely be a number of years served in a registered nurse role. In addition to qualifications and previous experience, senior registered nurse employers will be looking for candidates who display the following traits:

  • Caring attitude and natural empathy
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to multi-task
  • Good written and spoken communications skills
  • Ability to stay calm in difficult situations

Senior registered nurse jobs offer excellent long-term job security and opportunities to develop further should you wish. There remains a shortage of qualified nurses in the UK, meaning your skills will be in high demand. This provides many benefits, including giving you much more freedom in terms of where and when you work. There will likely be opportunities to specialise in specific areas, which can further open new doors and allow you progress further in your career.

Salaries in the private sector are highly controlled, helping to provide clear salary bands for nurses working in the NHS in the UK. Average salaries senior registered nurse jobs are around £25,000 – £40,000. This can change depending on your previous experience, area of speciality and the location you are working. For example, nursing jobs in central London often feature the highest nursing salaries in the UK, with some London-based roles paying up to 20% more than positions elsewhere.

There are various pros and cons to working as a senior registered nurse in the UK. The role remains highly respected in UK society and there is an obvious feelgood factor to helping improve peoples’ lives every day. You will be working with dedicated health professionals and making a positive difference to many peoples’ lives. The role remains in strong demand, helping to create good long-term job security. You will receive extensive training in many different areas and given the opportunity to specialise in areas that interest you.

However, working as a nurse is of course demanding. Your working day will likely be very busy, including the need to stand on your feet for long periods. You may have to work shifts, including nights, weekends and Bank Holidays. The role can be emotionally tiring, with the need to remain calm and professional in what can be stressful situations.