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Senior sales account executive jobs focus on helping grow a company’s profits. You could be operating alone for a small-size business or part of a sales team for a larger organisation. As the role is a senior position, you will likely be responsible for many different duties. This will include a mixture of sales tasks and team management duties, including training and mentoring junior members.

Senior sales account executive jobs exist in all industries, creating good demand and long-term job security. The role is an important stepping-stone to more senior-level positions in the industry, including sales manager and sales director. Keep reading to learn more about senior sales account executive jobs, including what you need to be successful and expected salaries.

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Senior sales account executive jobs obviously focus on improving the sales performance and processes of a business. The role can be very demanding, with senior sales account executive employers expecting you to meet regular sales targets. As a senior, you may be given even harder targets to meet, as well dealing with high-value accounts.

Whilst many senior sales account executive jobs are office based, there may be the need to visit clients on a regular basis. Furthermore, remote working is becoming much more common in the industry, with many employers now offering a combination of office and home-based work. Additional duties that you may be expected to carry out, include:

  • Creating and presenting reports to upper management
  • Attending sales conventions and other events
  • Reviewing sales performance and providing reviews and recommendations

University degrees are not always required for sales positions. This is because employers often place strong importance on a candidates’ character and skill sets. Of course, having a degree may help improve your chances of working as a senior sales account executive, particularly those in marketing and business. However, for senior sales account executive jobs, you will likely be required to show several years’ previous experience in a similar role. Regarding what else employers will look for, this includes candidates with:

  • Excellent spoken and written English language abilities
  • Strong customer-service skills
  • Confident, positive attitude
  • Hard working, determined and able to deal with regular rejection
  • Natural sales abilities with a good understanding of the entire sales process

Working as a senior sales account executive can provide excellent opportunities to develop your career in sales. The sales sector continues to grow, with positions found in most UK towns and cities. Promotion in sales’ roles can be much quicker than in other sectors. Therefore, if you show determination and good skills, you can quickly advance and increase your salary. As a senior sales account executive, employers will likely want you to deal with important clients, as well as provide training to junior members.

Salaries can vary significantly in sales, particularly when bonuses and other incentives are included. Furthermore, some high-value sectors, such as finance and IT, will often offer higher wages than other industries, such as retail. Starting salaries fall between £20,000 to £30,000 for senior sales account executive jobs. From this, and with more experience, you can expect to earn anything up to £45,000, with more senior-level positions paying even more.

There are a number of pros and cons to senior sales account executive jobs. Sales jobs can be very competitive, including the need to regularly meet sales targets. Workloads can be heavy, and you will likely have to regularly deal with rejection from clients. Long hours and spending lots of time on the telephone and a computer in an office environment are other negative issues for some.

However, working as a senior sales account executive can provide you with a fantastic career. Promotion can be quick in the industry, as are bonuses that can significantly increase how much you earn. There are often many senior sales jobs available, helping to create good long-term job security. Other pros to senior sales account executive jobs include opportunities to work in different sectors, travel and gain valuable transferrable skills.