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A senior software developer is not strictly correlated to just the additional number of years on your CV compared to a junior software developer. There is certainly more than meets the eye when it comes to a senior software development role. This means that professionals in this job are competent in the core technologies of this industry, often have some specialisation, possess a handle on high-level architectural concerns and experience in building “full” real-world solutions as well as the ability to mentor and coach other developers in the team.

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A senior developer usually has 5-8 years of experience and possesses an intrinsic passion for learning and self-development. They work on solving problems and tasks of different complexity and are responsible for understanding the full scope of projects as well as delegate tasks effectively. 

In addition, professionals at this level take up a full-on ‘development-deployment-launch’ workflow process, compose tech specifications and terms of reference, do regular code reviews for less experienced colleagues and solve different problems due to past experience. Moreover, they distil complex problems through design patterns and have managing responsibilities when working in a diversely-skilled team.

In terms of qualifications, candidates should have a Bachelor’s Degree in an appropriate field of study. Regarding past work experience, for this level, people should usually possess from 5 to 8 years. 

Working as a senior software developer, you’ll need to have a diverse set of transferable skills that will translate into being adaptable and a problem-solver. Such technical skills include:

  • skills in software development tools
  • experience in all ancillary technologies (HTTP, TCP/IP, POP/SMTP)
  • successful track record of developing quality software products
  • debugging distributed systems with high data loads
  • knowledge of Java/JEE, Spring, JSON, XML, REST, NoSQL Database(MongoDB, Cassandra), Distributed System, RDBMS, ePub3, MVC frameworks, Design Patterns, Javascript, JQuery, GWT, JSON
  • ability to use version control software such as GIT and SVN
  • understanding of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model in the online environment

Other skills and qualities that common senior software developer employers often look for when hiring include: 

  • Teamwork and growth skills
  • Ability to analyse user needs
  • Analytical  and critical thinking
  • Troubleshooting
  • Attention to detail and excellent verbal and written communication

The average salary for those working as a Senior Software Developer in the UK is around £50K but it can go up to 80K annually. There are plenty of options for career advancement. For instance, professionals can progress into Lead Developer or Technical Architect roles. Technical architects are often considered the highest position on the technical career ladder. Other options for the next career step could be Development Team Lead roles or Software Development Manager positions. Finally, there’s the opportunity to progress into senior management positions such as Director, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer roles.

The obvious advantage of working as a Senior Software Developer is that the rate of pay is very good. Compared to other professions, a career as a developer is in the higher wage bracket. Other benefits include that professionals can work anywhere since all you need is a computer and an internet connection as well as the fact that there’s a constant learning curve in this job. The thing about the IT sector is that it is forever changing and expanding, so doing this job means that you’ll always be adding to your knowledge base and learning something new!

On the other hand, this can be an exhausting and very stressful profession that makes your brain work all the time. Some challenging tasks can lead to a stressful day especially as they come with deadlines. Moreover, aside from the fact that there’s a lot of competition around the world, it’s a profession that involves too much sitting, hence too many bad habits. It’s also not that easy to get high-quality sleep, especially when working in IT so you have to take extra care of yourself.