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14 Seo Account Manager Jobs Found

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) account manager jobs have grown in importance, with the role now considered a vital part of marketing teams. Working as an SEO account manager involves using digital analysis to improve a company’s online presence.

Your main duties will focus on identifying ways to maximise visitors to a website/landing page, as well as ensuring a company ranks high in search engines. This is done to generate more leads and ultimately improve sales. The role often has various names, including online marketer and digital account executive. Keep reading to learn more about SEO account manager jobs, including starting salaries and career development.

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SEO account manager jobs require you to have strong SEO analytical skills and a solid understanding of digital marketing. SEO account manager employers will expect you to keep up to date with the latest tech, development and trends. You will therefore often be considered an ‘expert’ in this area and be expected to provide solutions to problems when they arise. This includes knowing about the requirements of various search engine algorithms, particularly Google.

You will likely be office-based, but remote working is becoming more common, with freelance positions also often available. General duties expected by SEO account manager employers include:

  • Understanding and working experience of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Understanding of PPC and similar marketing techniques
  • Constantly check and analyse search terms and rankings to monitor performance
  • Ensure user experience (UX) and conversion rates are always optimised
  • Work closely with other businesses to develop link-building opportunities

There are no specific qualifications for SEO account manager jobs. However, some employers may require you to have a degree in a related subject such as marketing. However, being able to demonstrate strong SEO abilities and a practical understanding of digital marketing are often just as important, particularly small-sized businesses.

SEO account manager jobs often feature a variety of small but related tasks that help to create a bigger marketing picture. As such, account manager employers will look for candidates with the following:

  • Genuine interest in digital marketing, search engines and social media platforms
  • Commitment to keeping up to date with technical/marketing developments
  • Good understanding of search engine requirements, including use of key words
  • Strong copywriting and design abilities

SEO account manager jobs can offer excellent career prospects. The role can be demanding and competitive, but the sector continues to grow. As such, working as an SEO account manager can provide good long-term job security, with demand for your skills likely to grow. Many entry-level positions exist, enabling you to learn on the job. In terms of development, you will be able to progress to more senior positions, such as senior account manager, head of SEO and head of digital.

A range of professional qualifications in SEO and digital marketing are available, including those offered by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Institute of Date & Marketing (IDM). Starting salaries are between £16,000 – £20,000 for trainees, with this rising to £36,000 for senior SEO account manager roles. Head of department positions can pay up to £47,000, whilst marketing director-level jobs can pay over £100,000. The location and type of company will also influence how much you earn, with digital marketing agencies in London often offering higher-than-average salaries.

SEO account manager jobs can be exciting but also demanding. Your daily schedule is likely to be busy, with SEO account manager employers expecting you to react quickly to issues. You will need to ensure your work is error-free and of high quality. If working for a marketing agency, you will likely have different clients to manage, each with their own demands. Long working hours and the occasional need to work evening and weekends can also be negative issues for SEO account manager jobs.

However, working as an SEO account manager can be creative and very rewarding. You will be a valued member of a team, with your contributions being increasingly important to a company’s success. You will acquire valuable skills and experience, and once fully trained have more opportunities to move forward in your career.