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19 Telesales Manager Jobs Found

Telesales manager jobs can be a great career choice for those who enjoy customer service and working in a growing and dynamic industry. Telesales manager employers can now be found in sectors ranging from utilities and IT solutions to travel and emergency services. As a result, an increasing number of people in the UK can be found working as a telesales manager.

The role will involve managing a team of telesales agents, in everything from a traditional office setting to leading a team of remote workers. You will be responsible for ensuring sales targets are met, as well as all company and regulatory guidelines are followed. Your time may be spent divided between sales-related issues and staff ones, such as training and assessments. Keep reading to learn more about telesales manager jobs, including required qualifications and career expectations.

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Telesales manager jobs can be demanding but also rewarding roles. Regardless of the type of call centre you work in, it is likely that your daily schedule will be busy. For inbound call centres, you will be leading a team responsible for answering calls and emails from new and existing customers. Outbound call centres centre more around contacting customers directly in order to try and make a sale.

As a telesales manager, you will be expected to take the lead in all telesales-related issues. This will include improving existing procedures and introducing new techniques and technology. Other general duties that telesales manager employers are likely to expect include:

  • Provide training and feedback to staff members
  • Ensure best practices are followed at all times
  • Look for ways to improve existing telesales procedures
  • Conduct performance reviews of staff, equipment, procedures, etc
  • Human resources issues, such as the hiring/firing of staff

Telesales manager jobs do not often require any formal qualifications. However, any sales, marketing or management qualifications are likely to help your application stand out. Some sectors such as IT and legal affairs may require candidates to have a degree in a related subject.

However, many people working as a telesales manager do so by working their way up to the role. Employers will expect candidates to have extensive telesales experience, as well as be able to demonstrate training and abilities in a variety of related areas. Telesales manager jobs will also require the following:

  • Strong people management and motivation skills
  • Excellent communication abilities
  • Working knowledge of the different sales processes
  • Problem solving and multi-tasking skills
  • Determined and hard working

Telesales manager jobs offer great career prospects because the skills and experience you will gain can be easily transferred to more senior-level roles and different sectors entirely. You will be given added responsibility and the opportunity to show others your skills. If you are successful, there are a number of higher positions you can work towards, including overall and regional sales positions. With telesales growing in importance, success in this role may also lead to opportunities in other sectors and departments, such as human resources or marketing.

The telesales industry continues to grow. As such, there are a growing number of telesales manager jobs available across the UK. Average starting salaries for this role are around £20,000 – £25,000. This will rise once you have gained further experience and skills, with more senior positions earning anything up to £60,000. Salaries can also be increased through bonus schemes, whilst certain sector and locations, such as London, often offer higher wages.

Telesales manager jobs are a great stepping-stone for those looking to further a career into management. Salaries can be good, and the overall sector continues to grow in a number of different areas. There are also growing opportunities to work part-time, full-time and even remotely.

However, telesales manager jobs can be demanding. You will likely have a heavy workload and be expected to set and meet regular sales targets. You may be required to work unsociable hours, such as nights and weekends, as well as be ‘on call’ should any emergencies occur. Low starting salaries and noisy working environments are other negative issues related to working as a telesales manager.