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886 Trainee Recruitment Consultant Jobs Found

Trainee recruitment consultant jobs can be a great way to enter the recruitment industry. This sector in the UK continues to grow, with an increasing number of trainee recruitment consultant employers and jobs appearing. As a trainee, you will receive lots of training and be given the opportunity to gain valuable experience and skills.

People working as a trainee recruitment consultant can be found in many different sectors. You could be working in-house as part of a company’s HR team or externally for a dedicated recruitment agency. Some trainee recruitment consultant employers will require you to have a university degree, whilst others will not. Keep reading to learn more about trainee recruitment consultant jobs, including required experience and qualifications and expected salaries.

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Trainee recruitment consultant jobs will enable to you learn all aspects of being a recruitment consultant. You will likely receive on-the-job training, meaning you will be busy and expected to learn quickly. Depending on the sector you are working in, your training may also involve learning about a specific industry, such as engineering or IT. You will often be working closely with a team of experienced recruitment consultants, and likely given many opportunities to show your abilities.

  • Trainee recruitment consultant employers will expect you to also help in everyday consultant duties, including:
  • Meeting with employers and jobseekers
  • Replying to emails and other correspondence
  • Helping create and post job adverts
  • Reviewing candidate CVs and making recommendations

Despite this being a low-level position, many trainee recruitment consultant employers require candidates to have a university degree before applying. Whilst the type of degree often does not matter, candidates with degrees in business or management-related subjects will likely have an advantage. However, some trainee recruitment consultant jobs will not ask for a degree, instead preferring previous experience in a business or recruitment setting. In addition to formal qualifications, employers will look for the following:

  • Strong interpersonal and team working skills
  • Good written and spoken communications
  • Ability to learn quickly, work hard and deal with regular rejection

Trainee recruitment consultant jobs offer an excellent opportunity to develop a career in an industry that continues to show impressive growth in the UK. The recruitment industry can be very competitive and is results driven. This means that if you show talent and are successful, you may have the opportunity to progress quickly. Once fully trained and working as a recruitment consultant, other positions will likely become available to you, including senior-level positions such as team leader and director.

Starting salaries for trainee recruitment consultants can vary, with graduate programs often paying more than non-graduate positions. As such, wages can range from £15,000 – £24,000 depending on the employer and location. Once fully trained, senior consultants can expect to earn around £28,000, with this rising to £40,000+ for managers with more than ten-years of experience. Salaries can also be increased with the addition of bonuses and commission.

Trainee recruitment consultant jobs can provide great career opportunities. You will receive lots of valuable skills and experience that will help you further develop your career should you wish. Such career development is often based on your own abilities, making it a great role for those determined to work hard and succeed.

However, working as a trainee recruitment consultant can also be very demanding. You will have a heavy workload and likely be working in a highly competitive environment. Starting salaries can be low without commission, whilst you may be expected to do your training ‘on the job’ which can also be very demanding and stressful.