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Working as a transport manager will involve a variety of duties, making it an exciting job for many. Furthermore, with the transport industry continuing to grow, an increasing number of transport manager jobs and employers are appearing across the UK in different sectors. Working as a transport manager involves being responsible for an organisation’s transportation activities. This can include everything from hiring drivers and ensuring vehicles are operational, to planning overseas routes and making sure all relevant legal requirements are met.

Transport continues to be an important sector in the UK and a career in this sector can be rewarding both financially and professionally. Keep reading to learn more about transport manager jobs, including expected salaries and possible career development.

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With transport manager jobs being so dynamic, your daily duties are likely to be varied. You will often spend your time between an office and shop floor/warehouse. You may also be expected to visit clients and suppliers off-site. Working as a transport manager is likely to be demanding, with the industry fast paced and often operating 24/7. Transport manager employers will want you to undertake many different responsibilities, meaning the job can sometimes be quite stressful. Whilst duties may differ slightly depending on the size and type of company you work for; most transport manager jobs will involve the following tasks:

  • Vehicle & driver management
  • Ensuring health & safety guidelines and company policies are followed
  • Working closely with other teams to ensure efficient operations
  • Ensuring fleet is used to maximum and optimal capacity
  • Training and motivating staff and conducting performance reviews

There are no set qualification requirements for transport manager jobs. However, as the sector continues to grow, some employers now want candidates to have university degrees. However, because of the level of the position, you will be expected to have lots of relevant previous experience, such as five-years in a similar environment. Transport manager employers will want you to have good customer-service skills, be commercially astute and possess a solid understanding of the transport industry, including all relevant regulations and guidelines.

Because working as a transport manager involves so many different tasks, employers will also be looking for candidates to demonstrate the following:

Transport manager jobs can offer great career prospects in the logistics industry. You will be working in a dynamic, growing industry, in which your skills and experience will be in demand. You will also likely have many opportunities to develop your managerial abilities and study for industry-specific qualifications, which will enable you to develop your career further. Promotion routes include more senior-level positions such as logistics manager, warehouse manager and regional and national transport managerial positions.

Regarding salaries, how much you will be paid will often depend on the size of your employer, the sector they operate in and where they are located. Starting salaries for transport manager jobs are around £19,000 – £25,000 on average. This will likely increase once fully trained, particularly for those on graduate courses. Once trained and with some years of experience, those working as senior transport managers can expect to be paid £45,000 + with this again heavily dependent on the employer.

Transport manager jobs can be a great way to further your career in an increasingly important business sector. You will be given lots of opportunities to show others what you are capable of and make a real difference to the success of a company. Your working day is likely to be varied, and you may be expected to spread your time across multiple locations. Long-term job security is generally good, and you will often be able to find suitable positions near where you live.

However, working as a transport manager can also be demanding. You will be given lots of responsibility and be expected to solve any problems that arise. You may be required to work unsociable shifts, as well as be ‘on call’ outside of your normal working hours. Noisy environments, the need to keep up to date with all relevant regulations and having to constantly meet strict deadlines and targets are other negative issues associated with transport manager jobs.