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37 Warehouse Personnel Jobs Found

As the logistics and storage sectors continue to grow, a growing number of warehouse personnel employers and jobs can be found. Warehouse personnel jobs can cover a variety of duties, including making up orders, maintaining stock levels and operating machinery. Warehouse personnel jobs do not require any qualifications or previous experience, with most roles featuring full on-the-job training. Many people working as warehouse personnel will have the opportunity to further their career, and the role can be a great way to enter the ever-expanding warehouse industry. Read on to see what sectors you can work in and what you can be expected to earn.

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The daily tasks of warehouse personnel jobs will depend largely on the size of the company you work for and what industry it is in. For smaller warehouses, warehouse personnel employers will likely want you to do a variety of different small tasks. Whereas in a large warehouse, you may be given one specific task to perform repetitively.

Warehouse personnel jobs may also involve operating machinery, ranging from digital hand-held devices to picker and forklift trucks. Working environments may be noisy, and there will likely be hazards that you must be careful of. General duties that people working as warehouse personnel can expect, include:

  • Making orders up and packing them safely and securely
  • Loading and unloading good
  • Ensuring goods are stored in the correct locations
  • Working to high health & safety standards
  • Keeping work areas clean and free of hazards when possible

There are no qualification requirements for warehouse personnel jobs. However, some may ask for GCSEs or equivalent in subjects such as English and math. You may also have to have a certain level of physical fitness because of the need to lift/move goods.

Furthermore, whilst previous experience will always help in any role, many warehouse personnel employers will not view this as vital. In terms of the skill sets that will help you in this role, they include:

  • Being a quick learner and being able to follow instructions carefully
  • Good team working skills
  • Flexibility to perform whatever tasks you are asked
  • Good written and spoken English language skills

Warehouse personnel jobs can feature good career prospects. Firstly, you will likely have to operate machinery. This can give you the opportunity to attain various licences. Furthermore, the skills and experience you will get can be easily transferred to other roles. Promotion exists in terms of positions such as shift manager, warehouse supervisor and warehouse manager.

There may also be opportunities to move into training and HR roles. With approximately 1,500 warehouses operating the UK, there are often many warehouse personnel jobs to choose from. This gives you much more freedom than other jobs in terms of the location you work, as well as the sector and even your working hours.

Warehouse personnel jobs can be a great way to enter the warehouse and logistics industries. These sectors are continuing to grow, and as such there can be some great opportunities to make a career in them. You will learn new skills and be given the opportunity to undertake further training and qualifications. Daily duties can be varied, creating a more interesting working day, whilst you may have opportunities to work overtime and earn more money.

Some of the bad points associated with warehouse personnel jobs include having to work unsociable hours when required and low starting salaries. Another issue can be the physical nature of the role, as well as the possibility of having to stand for long periods of time. Noisy, hazardous working conditions and demanding employers are other problems related to warehouse personnel jobs.