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83 Warehouse Shift Manager Jobs Found

Warehouse shift manager jobs can offer a rewarding career in an industry that continues to grow. There are an estimated 1,500 warehouses operating in the UK. Therefore, an increasing number of people can be found working as a warehouse shift manager.

As a manager of shift in an often-busy working environment, you will likely be responsible for a variety of different tasks. This can be both exciting and of course stressful, particularly when things go wrong. Warehouse shift manager employers exist across a variety of sectors, and you will likely be able to move between these easily once you have enough training and experience. Read on to learn more about what warehouse shift manager jobs involve, including expected salaries, expected duties and career prospects.

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Warehouse shift manager jobs are often in dynamic working environments. Therefore, you will likely have many different tasks to handle. You will be responsible for both administrative duties and more generalised warehouse work. As a warehouse shift manager, employers will be placing you in charge of a team of workers. The size of the team will of course depend on the size of the warehouse you are working in.

Regardless of the size, it will be your responsibility to ensure workers arrive on time, know their duties, are happy and productive in the work and many other issues. Working as a warehouse shift manager places you in a senior role. You will need to carry out all duties in a professional way, as well as work longer hours than others when required and even be on call during busy periods.

Warehouse shift manager employers will require you to have some qualifications and previous experience. Regarding qualifications, employers may ask for certain industry-standard certificates and licences, including management and health & safety training and even a forklift truck licence. Perhaps more important is having relevant previous experience.

Most warehouse shift manager jobs will call for at least a couple of years warehouse experience. Furthermore, some may require this experience to be in a similar industry. Knowledge of warehouse operating systems, health & safety and administrative duties will all be required, as will good management skills, including leadership and motivation. Many of these positions are hired form within, with many people working as a warehouse shift manager beginning their career in an entry-level position such as warehouse operator.

Warehouse shift manager jobs offer good career prospects, with the role an important stepping-stone to higher positions in the logistics industry. Many positions will feature opportunities to develop your skills and attain new qualifications. Your career development will often depend on your own abilities. Therefore, if you work hard and show a natural talent for management and leading others, you will likely have the opportunity to move onto more senior positions, such as team leader and warehouse manager.

Many of the skill sets you will acquire in this role can be easily transferred to other jobs. Therefore, with many warehouse shift manager jobs often available, you will have much more control over where you work and for who. Many warehouse shift manager employers offer starting salaries of around £18,000 – £30,000. This can vary depending on different factors, including industry, warehouse size and location. How big your shift team is may also affect your wages, with larger teams likely to offer higher salaries.

Regarding the negatives of warehouse shift manager jobs, you will be given a lot of responsibility whilst your starting salary may not be high. This will of course change as you move forward in your career but can be an issue for some at the beginning. Having to deal with many different responsibilities, including personal issues with staff at times, as well as any disciplinary action, can also be a problem for some. You will be expected to work hard and do everything you can to ensure your shift runs smoothly and achieves all targets.

However, working as a warehouse shift manager can be very rewarding and help you move further up in your career. You will be given the opportunity to show others what you are capable of, as well as make a real difference to the success of your employer. You will also gain valuable skills and experience that will help you develop both professional and personally. With the warehouse industry continuing to grow, you will also have many opportunities to seek work elsewhere, as well have good long-term job security.