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404 Warehouse Supervisor Jobs Found

Warehouse supervisor jobs are a great profession for people who like working in a fast-paced environment, motivating and leading others and who enjoy problem solving and working hard. With approximately 1,500 warehouses operating in the UK, an increasing number of warehouse supervisor employers and jobs can be found.

Working as a warehouse supervisor will involve many different duties, with you often ultimately responsible for ensuring targets are met and staff and customers are kept safe and happy. Duties will likely differ from one day to the next. Furthermore, depending on the size of the warehouse you are working in, you may be in charge of a large workforce and multi-million-pound facility. Read on learn more about working as a warehouse supervisor, including expecting salaries, likely duties and career prospects.

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Warehouse supervisor jobs involve a lot of responsibility and often many different tasks. Whilst specific duties will of course depend on the sector you are working in, you can expect to work in a dynamic environment and be responsible for its smooth and efficient operations.

General duties that many warehouse supervisor employers will expect you to perform, include:

  • Coordinating and monitoring stock, orders, assembly and the distribution of goods
  • Manage and motivate work force to ensure targets are met
  • Deal with customers, suppliers and other external groups
  • Hire and fire employees when necessary, as well as provide training
  • Look for ways to improve warehouse efficiency, productivity, health & safety and other issues

Whilst you will not be required to have a specific degree, many warehouse supervisor employers will expect you to have attained some qualifications during your career. These could include industry specific diplomas and licences, as well as management training. You will likely be more judged on your previous experience. You will need to have working in a warehouse management-level position for a number of years, such as warehouse shift manager. Furthermore, some warehouse supervisor jobs may require you have experience in a similar industry.

You will be expected to demonstrate extensive knowledge of warehouse procedures and processes, as well as evidence of successfully managing workers of different levels. Salaries for warehouse supervisor jobs can vary depending on sector and size of the warehouse. Starting salaries can start at around £22,000 for small-sized warehouses, with this rising to over £30,000 for larger businesses. Experienced warehouse supervisors can earn £40,000 and more, particularly with large organisations with operations overseas.

There can be great career prospects for people working as a warehouse supervisor. Regardless of the size of the warehouse, you will have enormous responsibility to ensure operations run smoothly and efficiently. If you show talent and help a company increase profits, you may be given the opportunity to move even higher up within an organisation. Furthermore, with the skills and experience you will gain in this position, you can also look for other positions that may offer new challenges, higher salaries or opportunities to travel.

In terms of career development, you will likely have opportunities to move into positions including warehouse manager and regional and national management-level roles. With the warehouse industry continuing to grow both in size and importance, the role can provide good long-term job security, as well as attractive pensions and other perks.

As warehouse supervisor jobs are so demanding, stress can be an issue. Long working hours, having to be on call, shift work and demanding workloads are other possible negative issues associated with the role. Having to deal with staff issues, including things such as redundancies can also be a problem.

However, warehouse supervisor jobs can be a fantastic opportunity for many. You will be given lots of responsibility and control, meaning if you are successful and hard-working, people will see it. You will be able to have a direct impact on a company’s success, and you will likely be able to earn a good salary, that will have the potential to rise significantly.