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10 Warehouse Van Driver Jobs Found

Warehouse van driver jobs are a vital part of the warehouse and distribution sectors. With approximately 1,500 warehouses operating in the UK, there are often many positions to choose from. Warehouse van driver jobs can be found throughout the UK and combine aspects of being a delivery driver and working in a warehouse. Roles in this sector can be busy, and you will be often be expected to work to tight deadlines and be given set daily targets that you must meet. Keep reading to learn more about warehouse van driver jobs, including what you need to be successful and what the job will involve.

Working as a warehouse van driver involves a variety of tasks. Your main role will involve making multiple deliveries to customers, either locally or nationally. You will likely be responsible for helping to load deliveries onto a van in the warehouse. This will also involve ensuring that goods match orders. Following this, you will be responsible for safely delivering good to clients, including unloading and ensuring good are in a good condition.

Warehouse van driver jobs involve a mixture of driving, loading and paperwork, such as getting customers to sign delivery receipts. Depending on the size of the warehouse you are working, you may also be expected to help out with general warehouse duties, particularly during quiet periods.

Whilst there are no formal qualifications required by warehouse van driver employers, you will need a full, clean UK drivers license. Regarding previous experience, most warehouse van driver jobs will not require this. However, any related previous experience, including that as a delivery driver or in customer service, will help your application.

You will of course need to show that you are a confident and safe driver, particularly if you will be expected to drive large-sized vans. Other personal skills that warehouse van driver employers will seek, include:

  • Ability to drive for long periods of the day
  • Physical fitness to ensure you can lift good in and out of the van
  • Good attention to detail and concentration skills
  • Ability to work alone
  • Good organisation and multi-tasking skills
  • Strong customer service abilities

You can have good career prospects if working as a warehouse van driver. Firstly, with the warehouse and delivery sectors continuing to grow, there are often many positions to choose from. This is also helping to ensure that long-term job security is also strong. Warehouse van driver jobs have served as a stepping-stone for many.

The role allows you to see if driving is a suitable career, with many people going onto to gain their HGV license. Delivery driving jobs are becoming much more common, and therefore there are many more opportunities to develop professionally. Promotion from this role can lead to more office-based roles, such as supervisor and management positions.

Some of the biggest advantages of warehouse van driver jobs include long-term job security and having a wide variety of jobs to choose from. Other benefits include not being stuck indoors in an office, working alone and effectively being your own boss when out on the road. Many of the skills you will pick up can also easily be transferred to other roles, whilst you will also have much more flexibility in terms of the hours and shifts you work.

Regarding some of the disadvantages of working as a warehouse van driver, the role can be quite demanding, with heavy workloads. Driving can be stressful at times, particularly in busy, urban areas, whilst the need to meet daily delivery schedules can also be an issue for some. Starting salaries can be low, whilst there can be fewer opportunities to progress and learn new skills than other positions.