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1,735 Jobs in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is the third largest city in Scotland. Located approximately 128 miles north-east of Edinburgh, it has an estimated population of roughly 241,000. As the second largest fishing port in Scotland and the capital of Europe’s oil industry, a growing number of people can be found living and working in Aberdeen. Known as ‘the Silver City’ because of its many buildings built from beautiful shining silver-coloured stone, the city’s architecture, vibrant cultural scene and beautiful old shopping districts have helped to create a city with a fantastic work/life balance.

Thanks to the city’s varied local economy, people working in Aberdeen can be found in a variety of different economies. Because of the city’s infrastructure, long industrial history and strengths in many different sectors, a growing number of jobs and employers are now in and around Aberdeen. Scientific, engineering, digital and low carbon are all important emerging industries in the region, with the city having one of the biggest clusters of life scientists in Europe, as well as the UK’s largest biologics clusters outside of Cambridge.

Other notable industries in the region included food & drink, with the region responsible for 20% of Scotland’s total food & drink output, 25% of agriculture and 50% of the county’s fish landings. Notable employers in this sector include Brewdog brewery, Mackie’s ice cream and Dean’s shortbread, all of which provide many jobs to people in Aberdeen. The local digital sector has also emerged in recent years, with approximately 4.500 people working in this industry in Aberdeen.

Thanks to the region’s strong and varied economy, there is often a good selection of employers and jobs based in and around Aberdeen. The city is located right on the sea, with beautiful coastline and golden beaches found nearby. Because of this, there are a variety of activities to do, helping to create a good standard of living for those working in Aberdeen.

Furthermore, with the region continuing to be a powerhouse in a number of different industries, the local job market often features an interesting and varied selection of positions and employers to choose from in the Aberdeen region.

There are a number of large employers in Aberdeen thanks to the region’s importance in numerous different industries. The food, drink and agriculture sectors make up a significant part of the local economy, with an estimated 23,000 people working here in Aberdeen, whilst the local food & drink industry accounts for around 20% of the country’s total output.

The fishing industry continues to provide many jobs in and around Aberdeen, with an estimated 25% of all Scottish fisherman working in Aberdeen and its surrounding areas. One of the largest employers in Aberdeen is the oil & gas industry, with approximately 80% of all jobs created directly in this sector found in the Aberdeen city region. Life sciences has emerged an important industry in the area, with world-renowned research institutes such as the James Hutton Institute having operations here.