9 Chef De Partie jobs in Birmingham

Chef de partie jobs are a senior position within a kitchen environment that gives you the platform to build a successful career. You can find these roles in different establishments; from Michelin Star restaurants to hotel kitchens. Chef de partie jobs in Birmingham will mean you are in charge of a specific area of a kitchen.

Birmingham is home to over 30,000 enterprises, which provide over 340,000 jobs in the area. The city is the UK’s second largest economy and is also one of the most diverse in terms of culture. Therefore, there are often many opportunities to work as a chef de partie.

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A major part of your chef de partie responsibilities will be maintaining speed of service in a well kept kitchen setting. Duties of chef de partie jobs in Birmingham also include:

  • Managing stock
  • Preparing dishes
  • Completing health & safety training.

Whilst you should be comfortable working with others, you should also be able to work independently to ensure your individual tasks are met.

You may also be asked for your input on new menus as part of rebranding sessions or taster evenings. As you will be in a senior position, you will be expected to produce food of a high standard. You will also get regular visits from the food standards agency to inspect how well you keep the kitchen in check.

Chef de partie employers in Birmingham offer apprenticeships, and this can be a great way to get into the trade and start building your career. However, specific skills required will depend on the working environment and type of food you are producing. You could work your way up within a company, especially if you have a BTEC qualification in catering that will help your application.

When applying for chef de partie jobs in Birmingham, in catering, kitchen or food preparation. Some businesses may look for candidates with at least three years of experience. Other key traits common to the role that hirers look for include:

  • High cook ability
  • Ability to delegate tasks to team members
  • Excellent motivational skills
  • Time management and presentation

Working as a chef de partie in Birmingham can give you a lot of career prospects. Birmingham is home to a large selection of restaurants across various cuisines, and the skills you gain will be applicable anywhere.

You could apply for a sous chef or head chef role once you have the right amount of experience. The average chef de partie salary in Birmingham is roughly £23,000 a year. You can expect this to go up with experience and longevity, and most employers have annual pay reviews based on performance.

Working as a chef de partie comes with multiple pros and cons. As you learn to make more dishes your skillet will grow naturally. If you enjoy cooking as a hobby, many employees testify the role being a good way to get paid for doing something you love. The industry is also very stable as hospitality has grown to over 4% of the city’s GDP and more establishments look for high quality chef de parties.

However, the standards, depending on your company, can be extremely high both in terms of hygiene and the quality of the food you put out. Furthermore, your customer will judge you based on how quickly you serve them. This can be both difficult and mentally tolling as the workplace is extremely high intensity. Because the role peaks on weekends, you will likely not have much free time on a weekend as you have to be on shift to meet demand.

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