100 Data Analytics jobs in Birmingham

Digital business is booming in Birmingham, and with it comes the need for strong analytics professionals. With around 44,000 businesses registered within the UK’s second largest city, data analysts are needed to make sense of how they perform. Reflecting the growing needed for data professionals, data analytics jobs in Birmingham are in high demand.

The city of Birmingham, once known as ‘the city of a thousand trades’, still carries its legacy as an open-minded and welcoming destination for workers. Home to over 1 million people from all backgrounds, modern Birmingham is a lively melting pot of cultures. With a growing population to keep happy, Birmingham offers a fantastic social scene, offering world-class bars, restaurants, and cultural sites. To learn more about data analytics jobs, including information on salaries and progression opportunities, keep reading.

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Data analytics jobs in Birmingham involve compiling, analysing, and reporting on company data to improve a business’s performance. Data analytics roles are suited to those with strong mathematical skills and a problem-solving mind-set. Data professionals need to enjoy finding patterns and figuring out what they mean and how it can be used as an advantage. Working in data analytics in Birmingham is typically an office-based job involving lots of computer-based work.

Typically, data analytics professionals will perform the following responsibilities:

  • Using various data analysis tools
  • Investigating, analysing, and reporting on data sets
  • Identifying data trends and the relationships behind them
  • Developing and implementing data reporting processes

Data analytics employers in Birmingham look for candidates with an analytical mindset and the relevant skills. Most data analytics professionals have a background in mathematics or business management at degree level. It is also possible to enter the data analytics career through an apprenticeship. Previous experience is not always necessary to begin working in data analytics as most employers conduct competency-based interviews.

To be successful in data analytics jobs in Birmingham you will need to possess the following characteristics and qualities:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Natural curiosity and a fast leaner
  • Problem-solving mindset and approach to tasks

Working in data analytics in Birmingham is an excellent way to secure an early place in a growing sector. Data analytics professionals have access to excellent training and progression opportunities. Because data professionals need to remain on the forefront of data best practice, data analytics employers in Birmingham often support and encourage additional training.

In the future, data analytics professionals can expect to progress into more senior-level positions, such as data/analytics manager roles. Furthermore, if you build up a strong network during your career, you could venture out into self-employed data analytics services.

The average salary for data analytics jobs in Birmingham is around £24,000, with the potential for this to rise to £35,000 with further training and experience.

As with any role, there are unique pros and cons to data analytics jobs in Birmingham. The role of a data analytics professional can be demanding, involving handling large sets of complex data. The data world is constantly evolving, so you will always need to stay on top of your data knowledge and product training. Your work will be used to inform and influence major business decisions so it must be accurate at all times. Your services will be in demand across multiple departments throughout the day, meaning you will have to balance multiple deadlines and tasks.

However, if you enjoy getting to the bottom of a challenge, data analytics can be an extremely rewarding career. Data analysis skills are in high demand, with employers offering fast-paced development and progression to those who prove themselves. Careers in data are considered extremely stable and are well compensated. Your skills will be sought out by colleagues of all levels across a business, making you a well-known and respected figure within an organisation.

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